Tuesday 14 October 2008

Burgundian Ordonnance Complete!

I've finally finished my Burgundians. Two A4 sheets of flags seemed a bit over the top when I was cutting them up but they all got used bar one single infantry flag. I've not done an actual count but you can see it adds up to quite a lot of glitz.

In total the list works out to a solid 800pts but can stretch to 1000pts by using everything.

Please excuse the quality of the images. I'm a fairly average photographer anyways and the light is very poor today with the rain.

Pics one and two show three BGs of knights, pic three is command, pic four is mixed pike and bow BGs (an organisation perculiar to Burgundian Ordonnance) and pic five is more pike / heavy foot.



  1. Very nice!.... Now where did I put those Swiss...)

  2. I had to come and look once you mentioned you had these. Very nice Millsy - what scale are they?

    1. 15mm mate. Seriously tempted by 28mm but just don't have the room :-)


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