Sunday, 28 June 2020

Old Dog Learns New (Terrain) Tricks - Part the First

It all started innocently enough.

Like so many of us in lockdown, my e-commerce activity has shown a bit of a spike lately. 150 or so MDF rounds from Warbases, some assorted Hellenistic figs from Warlord and Polemarch, and this thingy below;

It's a textured roller from Green Stuff World, and it has opened a veritable tin of terrain worms here at Chez Ev.

Of course, I had to test it out straight away, so it was off to the shops for a pound of Das air-drying clay. Grabbed a cardboard tube from the stash in the garage, rolled out a couple of sheets of the Das with the brickwork roller, stuck it to the tube with PVA glue, and left it to dry. This last step took longer than anticipated. Like a week longer.

But here's the result;

That worked well, thinks I, but what am I going to do with it? Why, make a piece of SAGA or fantasy skirmish terrain, of course! I drag out a Warbases terrain base and get to work with some extruded polystyrene foam and the hot glue gun. Oh, did I not mention the new glue gun...?

"This is the DeWalt Ceramic Glue Gun, the most powerful hot glue gun in the world..."
So yeah, things were escalating quickly...

Adding to the mayhem, I started looking for hints and tips on building realistic rocky terrain, and stumbled upon some YouTube channels which were to prove my downfall; Boulder Creek RailroadThe Terrain Tutor and Luke's APS. I admit it. I was hooked. What these guys can't do with foam, plaster and glue isn't worth doing.

Several days and a few dozen hours of viewing later, I'd grabbed some Woodland Scenics Rock Moulds, some Sculptamold Modelling Compound, and went a little bit crazy.

The rocks were cast in plaster of Paris and hot-glued on and around the edges of the foam, and blended into the piece with Sculptamold. Sculptamold is a mix of shredded tissue paper and plaster of Paris. It dries as hard as plaster, but weighs less and can be sculpted as it dries. In retrospect, I'd probably use less of it in future and leave more of the plaster rocks exposed. You'll see why later.

So where is this going? Somewhere potentially quite expensive and with a very steep learning curve!

Stay tuned...


Saturday, 13 June 2020

Updates to Portable Wargame Fantasy

I've managed to play a couple of games with actual, real people over the last week and this has given me the opportunity to review and in some areas revise my Portable Wargame Fantasy variant.

There's nothing like a good play test or three and it has become apparent from that some aspects were not quite right. The rules on the link above have been updates as follows now:
  • Quick Reference Sheet added
  • Generals, Spellcasters and Heroes cleaned up to remove ambiguity between troop types and special abilities, plus a lowering of the cost of Generals
  • New troop type "Mobs" added to allow for really a poor quality 1 point unit

I've got another solo game planned for tomorrow so will be further testing the mods.


Saturday, 30 May 2020

Solo Fantasy Campaign - Battle of Ironwald (1)

The first battle of my solo fantasy campaign sees the Orcs get the jump on the Empire of Man and attempt to consolidate their hold on the North, attacking Ironwald from Mageholt with support from Lochpine. The Orcs rolled better when generating army total points and have the larger force.

Attacker - Orcs

Force total: 30 + 1d4(3) + 1d4(3) = 36 points

  • Warboss x 1
  • Orc Skirmishers x 3
  • Orc Warriors x 3
  • Orc Wolf Riders x 2
  • Trolls x 1

Total: Warboss + 9 units
Exhaustion Point: 12

Defender - Empire of Man

Force total: 30 + 1d8(1) = 31 points

  • General x 1
  • Handgunners x 1
  • Halberdiers x 2
  • Crossbowmen x 1
  • Knights x 3

Total: General + 7 units
Exhaustion Point: 10

The Battlefield

The battlefield is rolling countryside, dotted with low hills, open woodland and some enclosed farmland.

The Battle

The Empire of Man are blocking the road with the cavalry, with supporting infantry on either flank. The Orcs look to smash the Empire centre with their heavy infantry, while skirmishers advance through the fields on the right supported by a unit of trolls and the wolf riders push up on the left.

Turn 1
The Orcs advance straight forward and are met by the Empire forces. The Orcs cause havoc, wounding three Empire units including two knights with their first charge,

Turn 2
Driven back, the Empire forces consolidate and fight back strongly.

Turn 3
The Orcs attempt to press their advantage with a unit of wolf riders flanking the Empire's right.

Turn 4
Despite being under pressure the Empire forces hold firm, inflict more wounds and rebuff the flanking wolf riders.

Turn 5
Turn 5 sees the first of many casualties, with the Orcs coming off worse despite their numerical advantage.

Turn 6
Both sides are badly knocked around but the Orcs are worse off and have reached their exhaustion point. Blaming everyone but himself the Orc commander withdraws from the field to lick his wounds. A memorable victory for The Empire of Man against the odds.

So that's the first campaign turn over with and victory goes to The Empire of Man ensuring they hold Ironwald. They can no look to go on the offensive and turn the table on the Orcs. Here's a few shots of the troops in melee.


Friday, 24 April 2020

9th Blogiversary

Hi All,

Today is the 9th anniversary of the blog!

Last year was a very quiet one blog-wise and we missed the date somehow, but with the current lockdown I've been spending more time here again. Thanks to everyone who continues to drop by and say hi. In the current climate staying connected is more important than ever.

Have a great weekend folks and stay safe!


Thursday, 23 April 2020

Language Warning!

REBASING. There. I've said it.

Told you I'd be using rude words and when it comes to my hobby time there's not much I find more offensive than rebasing to be honest. Still, I've had my interest in the WSS stuff reignited and looking to use The Portable Wargame (or another grid-based system hint hint Simon Miller!) that meant I needed to rebase all my existing French stuff.

A couple of hours of careful prising and I was able to remove all of the following from their original 25mm square bases and reorganise onto appropriate single base arrangements. The cavalry are in groups of two where only two squadrons are available, or in a single group of nine where three or more are present.

Having done that I was inspired to paint some more and enjoying the break from all things 28mm
I was able to knock out another four foot in the space of about the same number of hours. There is something incredibly satisfying in sitting down to paint and then walking away from the table with a unit absolutely completed including flags.

I've got some artillery and some staff prepped for painting now some more on those when complete.

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