Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wyld Stallyns!

NO! Not those Wyld Stallyns, THESE wild stallions...

Or by way of explanation, 21 x Perry Miniatures early Crusader horses soon to be taking on a role as mounted troops for my new SAGA Norman warband. In total it will be a warlord, one hearthguard and two warriors - a nice 3 point chunk in one go in fact.

Those who know me know I love Perry stuff and have a load of it. They're a great price, shipping is very reasonable and they are historically spot on. *However*, they are also invariably poor quality castings in terms of flash and clean-up required (2.5 hours for this lot!), plus they continue to pack them in the horrible fluffy crap that catches and sticks to the aforementioned flash. Honestly, if they would do something about the latter they'd be close to the best vendor going around...

Stay tuned for more next week!


Friday, August 14, 2015

WBQ - Volume Two, Issue One is OUT!

The latest installment of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly has hit the interwebs folks. Grab your copy and snag yourself some reading for a quiet Saturday morning with a cuppa!

Download Volume Two, Issue One here...

Don't forget to tell your mates!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hobby Activity? 'sabot Time!

Well, thanks to the many and varied demands of modern life, things have been a bit quiet on the hobby front here in Chez Ev.

Having crafted a scenic unit base for those SAGA hired swords the Sons of Death some months back, I thought I should gird my loins and at least try and bring the rest of my SAGA figs (those braw laddies, the Scots) up to scratch with a similar set of bases. And besides, it was about time I did something hobby-related, because an idle hobby area is a terrible thing to see. Real life, you can only push me so far!

So, for 3 units of Hearthguard, 2 units of Warriors, and one unit of Levy with bows, I grabbed some more sabot bases from the box, and went to work. here's the morning's output just prior to the final inking.

Some Tajima heather, wild grass and moorland tufts to give them a bit of a lift, and voila! Suitably Caledonian scenic sabot bases for the defenders of Alba.

I was lucky enough to get some more work in on this project later in the afternoon, so here they are in all their glory.

Of course, this means that they are technically complete, and that I am duty bound to proceed with the next incomplete project. And I'm spoiled for choice in that department! What will it be...?

And a quick note to all fans of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly (of which I have the honour to be Editor-in-Chief at the present time), Volume 2, Issue 1 will be out very soon, with a rich and varied smorgasbord of hobby content for all our readers!

Stay tuned!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Paint Table Saturday

Things have been crazy busy the last few weeks and it seems like an age since I've picked up a brush. In fact I still haven't really, but I guess a can of undercoat almost counts?

Today I made a start on Part II of a full army commission I'm working on for a mate - a 40K Dark Angels force. On the table at present we have a company master, apothecary, five veterans and a converted resin dread...

Now that all the prep work (including EVIL rare earth magnets) is complete I can actually start some painting. Phew...


Sunday, July 5, 2015

A little Empire building...

I've kind of lost my project mojo of late. I'm still fiddling about with the tail end of several large projects but there's not much real drive to be had. I often get this way when things are nearing the end and the answer is usually to start something new. I don't mind things overlapping, in fact I quite like it.

That being the case I've properly kicked off my next big fantasy project - a 6th/7th edition Warhammer Empire army, most like heading down the Artillery Train of Nuln path as I love a good cannon or six. Or ten...

Whenever I start something like this I invariably have a random selection of miniatures already hidden about the place and this is no different. This year I scored a pile of Perry metal state troops at CANCON and last week added some knights from fleaBay. A few donations here and there plus the overlap / extras from my long ongoing Dogs of War project I've already got a pretty decent start. Really what I need at the moment are more halberdiers and handgunners plus some swordsmen although a few more knights wouldn't hurt either.

Handgunners, halberdiers, outriders and knights.

Today was spent stripping, repairing and sorting a pile or three of lead. That'll continue for a good few weeks yet as other things find their way here (i,e. the greatswords in the post). There's also some conversion work to be done to add variety and flavour. When my hands aren't busy there's a load of reading, pondering, "math" (or my version of it), more reading and pondering, Googling, ogling, spending and probably yet other things to keep my brain occupied.

The project mojo is back and it's all good....

PS. Age of Sigmar? Meh.

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