Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ahhhh.... it's time to relax!

Appropriate words in light of the fact the 5th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is over for another year. My own meagre contribution of 3,204 points seems to have garnered a tie with Miles for third place, a result that seems more in keeping with the evil machinations of our host than anything else. Curt "This isn't rigged no way, not at all, you can trust me I'm Canadian" Campbell is after all a showman first and foremost and loves a dramatic ending above all else.

According to our resident statistical nemesis Miles that's an increase on last year of 1,256 points or some sort of positive percentage type number thing. Irrespective it means I painted more stuff. That amount of stuff in in fact 110 x 10mm miniatures, 181 x 15mm miniatures, 15 x 20mm miniatures and 370 x 28mm miniatures. Throw in something like a dozen 15mm and 28mm vehicles and a similar number of war machines and crew served weapons and it all ads up. To simplify things it equates to 641 or thereabouts 28mm infantry. I'd like to say that's a significant dent in the unpainted mountain but it isn't. OK, it might be a small one, a very small one.

Along the way I completed a long standing ECW army project...

An entire 15mm Gruntz sci-fi army...

Traded insults, laughs, taunts and prizes with DaveD...

And raced MilesR to a tied finish, a GIMP jibe and a mental image that Curt will likely need bleach to remove. Fortunately DaveD buys the stuff in bulk so I'm sure he has a bottle or two to share...

In between I managed to jam in all the design work for Issue 3 of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly...

And did quite a bit more design work on the estimable Mr Simon Miller's forthcoming print edition of To the Strongest! wargame rules.

At some point in the next few weeks I'll be doing a wrap up post with a few shots of the entire painted haul together but for now it's raining cats and dogs, there's a book to be read and an album or three to be listed to without a brush in hand.

Thanks for popping by. Now that I have some more spare time I'll be returning to a more regular posting schedule so Evan can relax and clean out his belly button fluff or whatever it is he does in his own moments of respite.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Painting Challenge Anti-Hero Bonus Round

Hi All,

Apologies for my lack of posts recently. I've had a lot going on, much of it not hobby related. Thankfully that stout chap Evan has been keeping things ticking over with three quality posts in a row!

Anyway, I'm back in the saddle and have a quick one for you today. The last Bonus Round for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is up for viewing and voting. My entry is a scene based on the arrest of Guy Fawkes.

You can view (and vote!) for your favourite entries here. There are some cracking offerings once again so pop on over and have a gander. Go on. You know you want to...


Monday, March 2, 2015

If Thou Blowest Not Thine Own Trumpet...

...then who shall blow it for thee?

Things have been a little quiet on the painting front over here lately, but we have not been completely idle. Long-term followers of C&G may be aware of a companion project of ours, an 18th Century ImagiNations blog, The Wars of the Sable Hat.

This blog chronicles the ongoing diplomatic and military tensions between the Duchy of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz and the Principality of Velikye Byelgorodniya over the disputed province of Nizhny Bublik.

The armies for both sides are being painted and based by the esteemed Mr Mills, and the latest regiment

(yep, these guys)
is now on display here, with some background by your humble correspondent.

Please feel free to saunter over and bask in the ambience of a bygone age that never really was; here endeth the shameless plug!

Stay tuned...


Thursday, February 19, 2015

If The Sabot Fits...

Had a day off today, so after conducting some necessary procurement of household supplies, it was back home to get some more work done on the first of the new sabot bases from Warbases.

When last I posted, I'd gotten as far as texturing and dressing up the base with sand and a few bits of marble chip. Well, after a bit more sand and a lick of paint, here's how things progressed;

OK, I was going for the 'ripples in the sand' look, but seem to have ended up with more of a 'furrows in a freshly-ploughed field' effect. Never mind, a bit more paint, and some strands of kelp fashioned from green stuff, and that'll conceal a multitude of sins;

A few more highlights where needed, and we can road test the new base with its designated occupants, well-known smash-and-grab merchants, The Sons of Death (aka "The Old Firm").

I think we might just have gotten away with it...

I am extremely pleased with the result, and am already thinking about more themed unit bases for my Scots (heather and tussock grass) and Pagan Rus (snow and ice - another area where I have absolutely nil experience!).

I would have to say that these bases are the way to go when playing skirmish games, and Warbases will definitely be seeing some return custom once I get finished with this lot...

All Warbase are belong to... oh, forget it. That line's getting old.
In the immortal words of Captain Oates, "I may be some time."

Meanwhile, the Analogue Painting Challenge continues to take its toll, with painters falling by the wayside, exhausted by their labours, while those who remain descend further into madness. Only the other day, Canister and Grape's own Millsy posted a target of 3500 points, proof positive that he is being driven to the brink of insanity and megalomania.

How will he fare? Only time will tell!

Stay tuned...


Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Base 'Em Up Y'All, It's a SABOTage!"

All other hobby activity was sidelined last night with the arrival of an order from those splendid chaps at Warbases.

My esteemed blolleague Millsy placed a bulk order on behalf of the rest of the C&G chaps, and was kind enough to deliver my portion of the not inconsiderable haul yesterday afternoon.

Given the fact that my recent hobby activity has been almost entirely SAGA-related, I opted for an assorted bag of sabot bases for my warbands, in Hearthguard (4 slot), Warrior (8 slot), and Levy (12 slot) sizes. They're laser-cut MDF and give off a rich charcoaly smell that had my Good Lady Wife wondering who in our building was having a barbecue.

Gotta say, on first glance, they seem to be just what the discerning skirmish gamer needs to maintain unit coherency and speed up movement. The standard of workmanship is very good, with no rough edges or burrs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. And what's the deal with the hex bases?
That's classified. On a need-to-know basis, you don't.

Of course, I had to try them for size this arvo and see how well they fitted, and who better to act as my guinea pigs than those Hebridean chuckleheads, the Sons of Death. Lovely family, lots of fun!

Yep, job's a good 'un.
But it does look a little bit minimalist, doesn't it? So it's back in yer box, lads, and we'll make a start on seeing if we can't make your sabot base match the seashore theme we threw together the last time. I plan to carry this technique across all my warbands, and give them themed sabot bases which match the figs.

First, let's put down a few rocks.

Oh, I'm shattered already. How do landscapers do this day in, day out?

Then a bit of sand;

Some nasty bunkers around the 18th there...
And then seal it with the ever-reliable PVA glue/water mix...

"He's just reusing the same picture! It's a scam!"

...and then we play the waiting game while it dries. And as I now have to dash out and play the social butterfly (my dears, it's SO hard being popular!), I'll come back to this tomorrow and we'll see how much more I can get done before the next blog post.

Stay tuned...

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