Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's all a bit of a mess really...

Apologies for the gap in posts. I do generally try to keep up a good flow so followers get their money's worth so to speak. Anyway, by way of explanation...

The last few weeks have been pretty crap at Chez Mills, the one just gone being an especially unpleasant one. I'm currently battling a few dental issues which stem in part from illness as a child and also basically just some rotten luck. That's leaving me grumpy, unfocused and out of sorts generally, coming as it did on the back of a really good dose of man flu. One more week should see me over this batch of unpleasant procedures.

You can add to that the loss of my best little mate Shankly the Cat, whose health took a very sudden turn for the worse and necessitated a very painful decision last Monday. I'm absolutely gutted to say the least and missing my late night painting and TV companion terribly. Here he is making good use of my arm as a pillow, a favourite tactic which prevented me from doing anything but sit still (aka exactly what Shanks wanted to do).

Shanks was in many ways very much like his namesake Bill, former manager and Liverpool FC legend. He was strong willed, dedicated to seeing he plans carried out and not afraid to express himself. For all that he was very sociable, happy to tag along wherever I went and willing to put up with almost anything that didn't infringe on his right to use people as furniture. To sum him up, just like his namesake "he made the people happy". I hope he's found somewhere quiet for an extended kip until I catch him up and normal service can be resumed.

All of this has led to an absolute lack of focus. I've done a million different things, almost all badly. This is the result, the paint table from hell...

Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself. Normal service is very soon to be resumed I promise.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Space Marine Terminators

These have been a long time coming. I assembled them last year (or was that the year before?) and since then they've been sitting in a box, patiently biding their time. After Russ wiped the floor with me using his birthday Orks a couple of weeks back it became quite clear that their time had come. Cometh the ass towelling, cometh the man in silly power armour apparently...

First up is a unit of five Assault Terminators with a mix of weapons. As my divergent chapter is half Dark Angels and half Blood Angels I decided these chaps should be sort of Deathwing-esque. I'm fairly chuffed with the colour scheme on these ones. It was a bit hit and miss whilst in progress but they came out well in the end.

And secondly a unit of common garden variety Terminators in Blood Angel colours...

Lastly here's a close up of the two commanders...

In total this gives me three units of five so I can switch them about depending on opponent, game size and scenario.

Next up, some more Tac Marines, transports and some heavy support.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wargame Bloggers Quarterly on the web

Issue One of WBQ is out and going great guns. We've got close to 1,200 downloads and lots of positive feedback and offers to write articles. Thanks everyone!

Now Issue One is out of the way we've also made some progress organising ourselves to make things easier for the community - that's YOU! We have a couple of social sites and some downloadable resources for you to grab too. Check them out below.

Issue List
On the Web

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Reinforcements for my divergent Space Marines chapter are taking shape. I've got a Predator Annihilator, second Razorback and two five-man Terminator squads on the go. All this should nicely top up my ability to handle more armoured forces and put me on the front foot once more.

As you can see everything is assembled and customised with extra cog-styled wibblies on the tanks. Almost all the undercoating is complete and the painting proper can now start. In the background you can see some existing troops that I've got handy to ensure I get my colours matched correctly.

Welcome Paul Waechter who has joined us since I last posted. Hopefully you find plenty of interest hereabouts mate.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Good news, good news and yet more good news

If I didn't feel like death warmed up right now today would be an absolute pearler. Even with my evil man flu there's still plenty to be chuffed about here and Millsy Towers.

Firstly, Issue One of Wargame Bloggers Quarterly has just reached the 1,000 downloads milestone in less than a week since publication. I don't believe any of us involved would have imagined it would have done so well when we put it out there. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and there has been great interest from the community in submitting content and getting on board in general. To everyone who has commented, given a shout out or otherwise got involved thank you very much! If you've not yet downloaded a copy get into it folks.

As if that wasn't enough I've been the beneficiary of a very generous act by a fellow blogger and gamer. About a month ago I posted saying I was looking for a specific figure from the first edition of Necromunda (this chap on the left).

Tom from the appropriately named Tom's Toy Soldiers not only had one, he posted him off in short order and he arrived yesterday, completely gratis.

It's this kind of thing that makes you realise what a wonderful group of people the gaming blogosphere is. Thanks Tom! Your beer will be ready and waiting when you arrive Down Under for the footy mate.

Hobby-wise, I'm finally back at the modelling desk after all the computer work on WBQ and it's been quite refreshing to do something other than type. I'm currently assembling a couple of armoured vehicles for my Space Marines, plus a bunch of extra Terminators, all of which is apparently absolutely necessary to survive life in the grim-dark after Russ well and truly towelled me up on the weekend with his Birthday Orks.

Lastly, another upside of WBQ is a bunch of new friends have joined the Canister and Grape crew. Welcome aboard Sean, Will Mays, Martin Connell, MarkG and Robert Audin (who also published in WBQ Issue One).

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