Sunday, 29 March 2020

Ev's Challenge - All Over (Or Is It?)

Greetings Paint Fans! The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has ended for another year, and even though I fell short of my target, I flatter myself that I was able to get some decent entries on the board.

Following the Fertility Goddess, I was able to submit an entry for Awdry's Atoll, a location which required Challengers to create a vignette on a CD base. Basing on CDs is something of a specialty for the estimable Sir Michael.

I give you The Riddle of the Sphinx;

"So, mortal, I ask you again; why did the chicken cross the road?"
Next up was a bit of scatter terrain for pre-industrial skirmish gaming, a dilapidated farm cart.

A couple of Pleistocene pussycats;

And more giants - two of them!

And finally, delivering on an earlier promise, some worshippers for the Green Goddess!

So that's all for the moment - but there's more around the corner...

Snowlord Curt has proposed a new Challenge to get us all through the COVID-19 lockdown; the Quarantine Challenge!

To quote the man himself, "With more and more people going into isolation, keeping safe and taking care of those around them, I thought it might be helpful to provide a space for people to keep in touch, post their hobby projects and to simply unwind."

This is a marvellous opportunity to support one another in our hobby, so I've signed up to paint some more - don't be too shocked, everybody!

More to come over the next few weeks, so keep your brushes sharp and stay tuned...


Thursday, 13 February 2020

Ev's Challenge - Day 55 - The Journey Upcountry (and a Detour or Two)

Greetings Paint Fans, and welcome to my second round up of entries for The Tenth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!

I struck out from Sander's Sand Dunes, making my way inland to Millsy's Mill Pond, a deceptively calm stretch of water where old and forgotten figures were to be displayed, with provenance!

Well, they don't come much older than this chappie, a Daka Fal Adventurer from Citadel's line of RuneQuest figures, released in 1982. He's a member of the Sable Tribe of Prax (hence the horned helmet), and the priest of a cult of ancestor worshippers.

He netted me an excellent score, thanks to his extreme age, and so I felt emboldened to undertake a detour of sorts. I produced a Curtgeld entry, the price of admission to Challenge X.

This year, Curt asked us to produce a figure for someone else, not necessarily another Challenger. So, because my blolleague Millsy is sitting out this Challenge after having fought monster fires for the last couple of months, I decided he deserved a gesture of appreciation.

It's the old Warhammer Giant, a plastic model 110mm tall, and an imposing addition to Millsy's Orcs and Goblins, or Dogs of War armies. I really enjoyed painting this one; he's so characterful!

My most recent entry is this substantial lady, a Fertility Goddess from Reaper Miniatures.

Based on the Paleolithic Venus of Willendorf (only much, much bigger), she comes with a decorative base dotted with pots and baskets of offerings.

All I need to do is come up with some worshippers for the Green Goddess, and the vignette will be complete!

As she is an indisputably female figure, I was able to secure travel in Lady Sarah's Balloon, all the way to the other side of the island. This honour is vouchsafed only to those who have submitted a female figure as the price of passage.

I'm now at Awdry's Atoll, preparing a vignette based on an old CD. Hey, it's what Mr Awdry specified, and who am I to disagree?

What's up next?

Stay tuned...


Saturday, 18 January 2020

Ev's Challenge - Day 28 - Not Even At Base Camp!

Greetings, Paint Fans, and welcome to the first of my entries for The Tenth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!

Doughty painters from the four corners of the circular globe are gathered at Challenge Island, landing on its deadly shores and beating their several paths into the interior to make their final assault on Snowlord's Peak...

Not exactly covering myself with glory this time round, I'm afraid. It's been a busy new year so far, and if I'm to meet my target of 400 points, I'd better get a move on.

I've made landfall at Sander's Sand Dunes, in the NW corner of Challenge Island. The stipulation for this locale is the colour red. Submit anything you like, as long as it features red. So here's my first entry for Challenge X.

It's the Orruk Megaboss, from GW's Warhammer Age of Sigmar. And no, I'm not buying into the new lawyered-up naming conventions. He's an Orc, pure and simple!

He was a gift from my young friend Patrick, who brought him back from a visit to Warhammer World in Nottingham (Rich Nerd Central). Given the fact that Paddy had gone to so much trouble, I couldn't not paint him up for the Challenge!

Stupid IP-protective names aside, it's a lovely figure. The assembly can be fiddly, but it avoids the solid-across-the-hems look of previous GW Orcs. I painted the head before adding the jaw plate, since it would have been nigh-impossible to get to otherwise. The sometimes tedious business of painting sub-assemblies is worth the extra time taken.

The base was built up with Milliput over an extruded foam core, and assorted Skullz were scattered around the resultant rocky outcrop (it's virtually the law when it comes to basing GW figures). I was going for a wind-scoured sandstone look, and I think it turned out nicely.

What's next? Well, I really have to produce a Curtgeld figure as the price of admission to Challenge X, but I'm to-ing and fro-ing on what it should be... Better be something pretty bloody spectacular if I'm to get some serious points on the board!

Stay tuned...!


Thursday, 26 December 2019

Still here (kind of)...

G'day All,

A number of people have reached out to check on me knowing we have awful bushfires here at the moment. The scale defies explanation and what the media reports is just the tip of the iceberg. I've been out fighting them with the RFS almost non-stop since mid-November now which accounts for the silence and my absence from the AHPC this year. Gutted as I am to be missing out it was better someone else take my spot as I have no time to paint whatsoever.

So to those who have reached out a MASSIVE thank you for checking in on me. I have been trying to reply where possible but if I have missed you I apologise and want you to know I really appreciate your thoughts. With everything we are dealing with, knowing people worry about us is really special. My world has shrunk to other firies and a few immediate family so any contact beyond that is absolutely wonderful.

Thankfully, despite everything going on with the fires we are still finding a little time for real life. Here's a pic of me after I returned from spending Christmas Day on the fireground. The pup is one of a pair of Husky x Staffies we rescued recently. Beautiful little guys with lovely temperaments and loads of energy.

All the best and I hope to be back properly some time in the future.


Merry Christmas from C&G!

Well folks, it's that time of year again, time for carol singers, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, maddening heat, etc.

All the gang here at C&G would like to wish all our friends and followers a happy and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year (pay no attention to the Ogre of Corsica and his grumpy dismissals of the season. He's just ticked off because he didn't get Russia for Christmas)!

Stay safe, wherever you are; may your brushes remain sharp, and your jar of Goblin Green never run dry (because that stuff is impossible to get nowadays - by crikey, it's hard being an Oldhammer enthusiast)!

Ev and Millsy

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