Monday, January 19, 2015

Painting Challenge Update

The brush is still flying about at a fair pace here at Millsy Towers and it's time for another Painting Challenge update. My last batch of submissions included some more 28mm ECW and a further addition to my 40K Space Marines.

First up some generic Scots pike that can be used for either side...

I'd never painted plaid before but after a few attempts I got something I'm pretty happy with.

Next up was some mounted dragoons, Aston's to be precise...

On the 40K side of things I finished a small squad of Veterans with close combat weapons...

This was backed up by some heavy armoured support (at last!) in the form of a Predator Annihilator to help deal with the bigger nasties out there.

That lot took me past my previous highest point total for a Challenge and there's plenty of time left yet. I'll breach the 2000 point mark this week with the remaining Scots (shotte) and some other bits and bobs.

Before I go there's just time to welcome Just John, Bruce Sutton, Martin Cooke, Carlo Pagano, David F and Foss1066 who have all joined us recently. Great to have you aboard folks!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fletcher Pratt's Naval War Game is...


I finally received my very own copy of this classic last week. Am I excited? Hell yes! Mine's a very nice 1973 second edition and well worth the search. It adds to the collection (obviously) but it is also a kind of "foundation piece" as all my other books refer to it in some form. In the case of Featherstone's Naval War Games an entire chapter in fact.

Mermaids with beers? Awesome!

I now fully understand why it is hailed as the Patient Zero of naval wargame rules. Reading through I can see elements of these rules in pretty much every type of naval wargame I have ever played. Now I just need half a dozen like minded-individuals, some ships and a medium-large sized ballroom...


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painting Challenge Update

I must apologise as I've been a little remiss with my postings of late. I'm spending a fair chunk of time with a brush in my had for the Challenge but then not bothering to post any of my work here after it appears on the Challenge blog. All that aside, here's what has been painted since my last update...

Da Deff Kaps, another unit of Savage Orc Boyz with hand weapons, shields still to come.

Da Purpul Porkas, mounted Savage Orc Boyz.

OMLGG!!! Just WHERE did you get that sabretooth jumpsuit?!?

Savage Orc BSB, Warboss and hanger on...

Old skool metal Wood Elf Dryads (because I could)...

15mm battle suits and spider drones for the Titan Marines...

A few 15mm walkers for who-knows-what...

More loyal servants of the Emperor join the Angelicus Mechanicus...

And lastly the start of my Warmaster Empire army...

I've also managed to get in a couple of games with Ev (Warhammer fantasy) and Nug (Shako Napoleonics) in both of which I had my rear end towelled up, in no small part due to my appalling dice rolling. Hopefully my luck improves tomorrow against Cory in Flames of War!

And despite the above, my lead pile has been added to once again thanks to the amazing generosity of the many wonderful people I game with. More Warmaster Empire and 40K from Ev and Claire, a Char B1 bis from Cory and Anita, FoW Carriers from Marcus and a Desert Caravan from Mr Dave Docherty Esq., who of course made good on our Handbag Side Challenge as any gentleman would. Thank you all!

Yes, Shaeffer's IS complete and pretty much MINT. Yes, I did squeal like a girl.
Til next time...


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gall-Gaedhil, or Mrs Death's Boys

Holidays are great. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your other half, catch up with the kids and with new members of the family, but you finally get time to finish those projects which have been niggling at you with their incomplete status and then blog 'em.

I was able to use the last couple of days to dispose of one such project, namely the Sons of Death, or Gall-Gaedhil, SAGA's Norse Gael swords for hire. Those of you who've read my previous posts will be aware of my painting speed, so the fact that I started these eight figures six weeks ago and am only just getting around to finishing them now will surprise nobody.

So here they are, all painted, and based with the seashore theme I tried out back in November.

I decided that while most of the Gall-Gaedhil are bare-legged like their Scots cousins, I'd make their clothing a bit more Norse-influenced and go for plain colours with decorative borders. Besides, six points of SAGA Scots is enough tartan to last me a while yet!

Firstly, one of the chaps Monty of the excellent Twin Cities Gamer blog described as 'chrome domes' when discussing his own (IMHO brilliant) completed Sons of Death; in homage to this reference therefore, here is Crom MacDòmhnall (thank you, ladies and germs, I'm here all week).

CROM MacDOMhnall... oh, forget it...

We'll just keep going with the pics and avoid any more godawful puns. Well, for a bit at least. All shield transfer designs by Little Big Men Studios - as usual - love their work! 


Another great thing about holidays is that you get a chance to visit your mates, get a game in, and get a bloody good dinner into the bargain; for that was Monday's program at Chez Millsy. We played an excellent game of WHFB, which will no doubt be the subject of an AAR should either of us get the chance to write one up, but here's a taste;

Undead to the left, Savage Orcs to the right. Evil on Evil action, basically.
Turns out that Mr Mills is quite the chef too; in the evening, my Good Lady Wife and I were treated to a brilliant chicken, chorizo and potato bake, accompanied by a delicious (and extremely potent) home-made sangria. Result! 

Thanks again to Michael and family for their hospitality!

That's all for now, but go over and check out the Analogue Painting Challenge as the competition heats up; will Millsy regain his position at the top of the table?

Stay tuned...


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