Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paint Table Saturday a.k.a. Evan Gets Me Cross...

Evan did an absolutely bang-up job with a Celtic Cross he bought from Ainsty Castings. At the time I didn't know he'd bought TWO with the intention of bestowing the other on me as a gift at a future date.

When I mentioned I was going to buy one and started asking questions this backed the poor bugger into a corner and he was forced to reveal his (very slightly) nefarious plan. Anyway, one thing lead to another and the next thing I was in possession of my own copy. And here she is...

Yes, you're seeing double. It's just taken a while...

I'm pretty pleased with it, if not with the photography. Evan's effort is much nicer but then he invested a lot more time than me too.

Before I nip off hello to maximex, Destiny, Steve63 and Mark Stanton. Welcome aboard!


Sacred Ground - Vikings vs. Anglo-Danes SAGA AAR

I didn't go to Salute this weekend. This is not so much a case of I didn't want to go (I did), couldn't find the time (I could have), didn't want to go on my own (I'm sure I could have found or at least rented a friend) or that I didn't know where it was on (I did). My problem stemmed from one single, yet quite significant problem...

Rather than dwell on that I went to Nug's place and played a game of SAGA instead...

Prior to this we were just one game of the way through our five game mini-campaign. Nug and his Vikings had won the first one narrowly, beating my Anglo-Danes in a pretty much stand up fight. We both suffered a few casualties that carried through into the second game and which were to prove influential.

The second game was the Sacred Ground scenario with the Vikings as attackers having been victorious in game one. You can see the setup below and please excuse the crappy phone photos...

View from the Anglo-Danish side

Nug's Vikings comprised a Warlord, 4 x Berserkers, 4 x Hearthguard and four lots of 8 x Warriors. He was missing a four warriors and a single Hearthguard as casualties. My Anglo-Danes comprised a Warlord, 4 x Hearthguard, two lots or 4 x Hearthguard with Dane-axes, two lots of 8 x Warriors and 12 x Levies with bows. I was missing a warrior, a levy and two Hearthguard with Dane-axes.

Viking right

Viking left

Anglo-Danish left

Anglo-Danish right

The idea with Sacred Ground is to accrue points for occupying each of the three terrain features. Nug's Vikings went first and immediately occupied the wood on their right. He held back on his left. My response was to occupy the field also on my right and make a play for the central hill.

Keep off our land you long haired gits!

The next few turns consisted of the two sides slogging away attempting to overcome the other by weight of numbers. Neither side really had the upper hand until two things started to come into play - my Anglo-Danish Hearthguard got whittled down and eventually killed off, having started smaller to begin with. Nug also deliberately avoided my Levies, who without and special rules and no SAGA dice are looking more and more rubbish by the day. I rapidly ran out of SAGA dice altogether and eventually was overcome.

We're not dead, we just can't stand up on this sodding slope...

The final insult was rolling up casualties to carry over into the third game. I managed to roll three snake-eyes on three dice (feck!), meaning almost half my Dane-axe Hearthguard will be staying in and drunkenly throwing axes at blonde barmaids up against a wall or some such. Nug also knocked off half his Viking Berserkers so that may ease my worries a little. Or not. Can't help but think I may be 3-0 down pretty soon...

There Adam, an AAR. Happy now? :-)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nothing happening but plenty going on...

Things are in an odd sort of holding pattern here at Millsy Towers. I'm working on a pile of different projects which are all at various stages that aren't really blogworthy in and of themselves. However, I felt bound to make some sort of blogging effort to keep things ticking over and ensure people don't think I've sunk in a pit of post-Painting Challenge despair.

Painting Challenge
Speaking of the 4th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, Curt has started posting the various final prize rounds. I'm very pleased to be able to report I managed a double honourable mention for the Challenger's Choice Award and also took out top spot for the People's Choice Award. If you cast a vote my way for either you have my heartfelt appreciation! Some eye candy...

Challenger's Choice honourable mention - 2,500pts of Warhammer Undead goodness

Challenger's Choice honourable mention  AND People's Choice top spot - Ney with the Reargaurd in 1812

ECW Campaign
On another note, I've spent some time recently preparing to run a not-so-solo ECW campaign using a combination of various rule sets. The plan is to have the campaign level fun shared between myself as Royalists and my wonderful internet gaming buddies Adam and Curt (yes, THAT one) running Parliament.

All the strategic campaign level stuff will be done with a modified set of Warhammer ECW campaign rules, all three of us playing a part. The lads and I will work out a number of table-top battle scenarios per campaign year and they will supply orders for the Parliament forces. I'll then fight them out at Chez Millsy playing my side in person and Parliament by "remote control" (this is the solo bit). For the tabletop rules I'll use Clarence Henderson's popular Victory Without Quarter.

It should all be jolly good fun and I'll be blogging about the progress as we go...

Some terrain
Finally, I'm about 3/4 of the way through assembling and painting a Celtic stone cross for use in Dark Age and other period games. It's the same one Evan did such a wonderful job with here.

And that's it for now...


Monday, March 31, 2014

Organising my Royalist ECW Army in 28mm

With a fair chunk of cavalry painted in Curt's recent 4th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I've been turning my mind to sorting out what's left to paint to complete the army.

It's not a historical order of battle by any means and this post is intended more for my own reference than anything else, but it may be of interest to others I suppose. Where I've got a related blog post I've linked it up in the interests of sharing some eye candy.

The King's Party & Staff
King Charles I, 6 x Gentlemen Pensioners
Sir Edmund Verney with Royal Standard
Prince Rupert of the Rhine
Major General, Colonel General, Surgeon General, Scout Master, 2 x Buffoons

Prince Rupert's Blewcoate Regiment of Foote
16 pike
2 x 12 shotte

Sir Allan Apsley's Regiment of Foote
16 pike
2 x 12 shotte

Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foote
16 pike
2 x 12 shotte

Sir Gilbert Talbot MP's Regiment of Foote
16 pike
2 x 12 shotte

Loyale Goodfolk of Ye Three Leggged Duck Publick House
16 x Ill-armed recruits / clubmen

Prince Rupert's Lifeguard of Horse
6 x Gallopers

Prince Rupert's Regiment of Horse
10 x Gallopers

Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Horse
12 x Gallopers

Lord Byron's Regiment of Horse
12 x Gallopers

Sir Thomas Tyldesley's Regiment of Horse
10 x Gallopers

Sir Arthur Aston's Regiment of Dragoons
12 x Dragoons

Colonel Henry Washington's Regiment of Dragoons
12 x Dragoons

Trayne of Artillery
Master Gunner
1 x Culverin and Crew
1 x Saker and Crew
2 x Falconets and crew

With the exception of the dragoons everything is complete. I've also got a unit of Scots foot that I'm unsure of how to paint at present. There's a temptation of start buying more figures and turn them into Irish. Which would inevitably lead to a whole extra army. Or I could just paint them as a generic Scots foot for use by myself or others as required.

And that's it as it stands. In total something like 250 figures and some guns.


Friday, March 21, 2014

4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Wrap Up

Wow, what a ride! The 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is done and dusted for another year. It's actually a full three months long but looking back it always seems more like three minutes.

Curt is a living legend (at least of the blogosphere) and deserves truck loads of kudos for putting the event on. When Sarah finally decides she's had enough and throws you out there's always a bed for you at my place mate.

This year there was a total of 60 participants from all over the globe battling it out and producing some truly amazing entries in terms of quality, quantity and breadth. I finished a pretty creditable 9th on the points tally which is an improvement of 4 places on last year. It's not really about that for me though even though it is fun to be a bit competitive. What's more important is sharing the fun with all the other amazing participants and seeing all their wonder and inspiring work.

Some highlights of my challenge...
Final ranking: 9/60
Points total: 1948 (beating my initial target of 1250 and just short of my revised 2000 target)
Bonus rounds: Submitted for all seven and snuck home for a win on the final Last Stand round.
Achievements: Painted something like 250 x 28mm miniatures and a swag of other stuff. That included a complete Dystopian Wars Britannian fleet and also an entire 2,500pt Warhammer Fantasy Battle army (that one inside of a month!)

Not bad at all and I'm pretty chuffed with what I achieved. Here's a quick visual recap...

A fair chunk of Dystopian Wars

My favourite entry, Kemmler and Co

2,500 points of Undead in one month :-)

Watch out Cromwell, Rupert's coming for you!

I'll show you where the Iron Crosses grow!

They call him the Cereal Box Kid

And lastly my winning entry from the final bonus round, The Retreat from Moscow in 28mm. Cheers to everyone who voted for me. I was very flattered and a little surprised to take the podium given the quality of the opposition.

And that's it. When I list it out like it makes me wonder where I found the time. Just putting the list together took a good 20 minutes alone. Now it's time for a breather from the painting desk and maybe a little something medicinal to tide me over the depression from it being all over for another year.

Thanks for looking and please leave a comment or three!

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