Wednesday, January 10, 2018

AHPC VIII - Ev's Challenge, Day 22

The story so far;

I've gone into this year's Challenge with a target of 500 points, and have proceeded at my usual sedate (some might say 'sedated') pace.

First up was this chap, a strapping Orc Chieftain from Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures. Certainly in keeping with the 'monstrous' theme of the Challenge!

It's a terrifically dynamic figure, and as usual, Scibor's bases are little masterpieces in their own right. I loved painting that fallen statue head!

Next up was a terrain entry. This is the first year for terrain entries outside of a bonus theme round, so I thought I'd paint up a couple of Pictish Standing Stones by Scotia Grendel. I'd had these in the to-do pile for a while, so they were overdue for an outing.

These two lovely resin sculpts were not quite enough to get the entry across the line quantity-wise, so I rustled up a quick Celtic Oratory Chapel, scratch-built from a block of polystyrene coated in filler and carved to resemble rough stone. The door was made from some bamboo skewers with a loop of fuse wire for the handle.

Returning to the Challenge theme, I went with a monster for my next entry; the Reaper Bones Giant Worm, painted up as that old D&D favourite, the Purple Worm.

Very pleased with the final result on this one, suitably repulsive!

Last but far from least is the Goblin Doom Diver, 'Da Rite Stuf', my entry for the Themed Bonus Round, 'Flight'. I really like the goofiness of this model, and I hope I've done it justice.

So, 22 days in and I'm just under 25% of the way to my target; let's see if we can't get a few more points on the board before too long!

What's next? Stay tuned...


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

AHPC VIII Bonus Round One Voting Open!

Voting is open for the first Bonus Round in this year's AHPC with a theme of 'Flight'.

Both Evan and I have entries and there is a veritable motherlode of other wonderful entries to delight your senses too. Pop on over and check things out and don't forget to vote for your favourites!

Here's my entry, a Captain mounted on a Pegasus for my Warhammer Fantasy Empire army...

And Evan's Warhammer Fantasy Goblin Doom Diver...


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Boxer Rebellion Japanese Infantry

The next instalment of troops for my 55 Days at Peking project are more Imperials, this time the Japanese legation forces.

The miniatures are from Oshiro Model Terrain and quite honestly some of the best miniatures I have ever bought. Not only are the incredibly cleanly cast, they are also packed with detail and thoughtfully designed. They come with separate heads and unlike the majority of my experience in this regard, these fit very well and are even able to be turned to the side if desired.

The miniatures also come with separate backpacks (I've left them off to use as supply tokens) which have a locating "lug" that fits neatly into the straps on the back of the miniature, meaning they sit perfectly aligned and don't slide while the glue dries. I'd go so far as to say these miniatures are not so much sculpted as crafted.

Next up is a bunch more Boxers (36), which will thankfully take me very close to completing the "natives" with only some Tigermen and a rickshaw packed with explosives(!) to go.


The Return of the Empire Strips Back

Having spent a good 5 hours yesterday slaving over a hot ultrasonic cleaner I've now got a lovely pile of paint-free Empire lead.

In the end I decided to just strip everything I have in the pile that required it, so I've got additional stuff to be going on with once the Foot Reiksguard and Halberdiers are finished. This is by no means the full breadth of that awaiting paint, just that which was still coated in EIGHT LAYERS OF BRIGHT YELLOW CONCRETE AND SNOT WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? Excuse me, some of the paint required a little more effort to remove than I would have liked, leaving me a little fatigued in the manners department.

Thankfully I can now pick up a brush again!


Friday, January 5, 2018

The Empire Strips Back

With three submissions posted for AHPCVIII and awaiting Curt's tender ministrations I've taken stock and looked at what might be tackled next.

I've almost worked my way through all the lead I prepped prior to the Challenge starting. That being the case it's about time I spent a little time on some more prep work, especially given I'm back to work [SOB!] on Monday morning. I just know when I get home I'm not going to want to prep so having a pile of paint-ready minis sitting on the desk will be a big incentive to give the TV a miss and pick up a brush.

Enter two units of Warhammer Fantasy Empire miniatures, plus a few items not pictured that will be bonus round entries...

Not sure which will see the brush first, it'll be a simple matter of whim I suspect. :-)


CANCON 2018 Aussie Wargame Bloggers Meet-up

That's right, its ON again! Currently Barks, Kaptain Kobold and myself will be in attendance I believe. Care to join us?

Here's the plan for Saturday 27th January 2018:

  • 12:30pm - Initial meet-up in the Board Games section in the Northern Hall at CANCON to say g'day, check out respective loot bags and plan for any shared afternoon shenanigans.
  • 6:00pm(ish) - Pub dinner and extended tall story session.

If you're an Aussie or Kiwi blogger feel free to pinch any and all of this post to spread the word.

Hope to see you there!

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