Tuesday 27 April 2010

Dark Age thatched cottages

We've got a Dark Age skirmish campaign coming up soon, beginning with a Viking Raid. In order for that to happen, the Vikings need something TO raid. Consequently I'm trying my hand at knocking out a few Dark Age thatched cottages. Along with a very basic log stockade they will form the local Anglo-Saxon village which is subject to Viking terror. Inspired by this tutorial on making thatched roofs I decided to have a go...

Here is the basic frame of the house and cladding materials. The thatch (as you'll see if you read the article) is an old bath mat. The frame is 5mm foamboard nicked from the offcuts bin at work. The boards came from a seller on eBay who sells them by the bag.

And here is the basic finished cottage. Having not made on of these before I'm not 100% sure I've soaked the "thatch" with enough glue. Once its dry I'll see how stiff it is and I can always do another coat if required. It will get a good few coats of paint on top so it will toughen up quite a lot.

I'm reasonably happy with the first hut. I've got two more of the same size and a larger one for the village headman. I'll post some pics when they're done.


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