Tuesday 11 May 2010

Motivated I am...

I can't find the freaking camera. It's around somewhere. It may well still be in the car from Sunday but I'm not going to go hunting about the place at this late juncture trying to locate the rotten thing. [deep breath]

Anyway, the point of looking for the camera was to snap some shots of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Lizardmen Saurus (x20) which I've just finished basing. These belong to the El Cheapo Communal Army of Doom, assembled from donations, eBay and other sources, intended for use as an opponent for my Dogs of War.

However, no camera equals no pics. Soooo..... in lieu of pics of the reptiles, here's a couple of screen shots from Point Motivator which is a dandy little tool intended to help motivate you to do stuff, in my case gaming stuff. Now I'm generally not known for lacking motivation in this regard, devoting between 1-2 hours almost every day to my obsession.

Having said that, PM is pretty nifty and is enabling me to keep a much better handle on what I get done. PM allows you to allocate an arbitrary value to an item and then "earn" points by doing x many of whatever it is. I based my points on size, i.e.) a 25mm painted mini = 25 points. I was tempted to go 28 but I'm not suitably heroic [snort]. If you want my point values drop me a comment and I'll make the file available.

Hopefully tomorrow I can find the camera and take some pics to prove I didn't start this rant for no good reason ;-)


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