Saturday 29 January 2011

Shako II Demo Game at CANCON 2011

Hi All,

Last weekend the lads from Canister & Grape met up with some mates from around Australia and ran a demo game of Shako II in 15mm at CANCON in Canberra. Everyone put in a massive effort beforehand getting their respective forces together to ensure a really attractive table. Here are some pics and a short battle report (remember to click for larger pics). Enjoy!

The scenario was a meeting engagement in Eastern Poland during the 1807 campaign. Both sides were attempting to dominate a crossroads and surrounding key features including a fortified farm complex, timber church and hills.

The French forces consisted of two French infantry divisions, one Saxon infantry division, a French Reserve brigade, several light cavalry brigades, a dragoon brigade, a cuirassier brigade and plenty of supporting artillery of various calibres. The opposing Allied force consisted of two Russian infantry divisions, an Austrian infantry division, several light cavalry brigades, two heavy cavalry brigades and once again plenty of supporting artillery of various calibres.

The battle was fought with great gallantry on both sides. Notable actions included the fight surrounding the farm complex which changed hands several times, finally to be held by the French at nightfall. The Saxons held the church without fail, eventually breaking an entire Russian grenadier division. At the end of the day the French were victorious, having broken 17 Allied units for the loss of 8 of their own. The French also held 2 objectives, the Allies one and the remaining two were still in contention. Vive la France! Vive l'Empereur!

A great time was had by all with the game played in excellent spirits and sportsmanship. Thanks to Russ for his camera work, especially given it was the first outing of his new camera.


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