Sunday 6 February 2011

T-34s. A whole mess of em...

This was my Christmas project this year. Having sold Cory my old Tankovy for which I felt less that enthused I used the opportunity to do another. Don't ask why. I'm not 100% sure myself to be honest. Obviously it has something to do with my collecting issues but let's leave it at that.

So here it is. A Flames of War Late War Tankovy. I bought so many T-34s because I want to be able to do three lots of eight or two lots of ten (the third lot of eight would support my Strelk when fielded together). Remeber to click for the larger versions.

As is traditional for us on long weekends we have a big battle planned - a sort of late war Kursk. 4,000pts a side, almost all amour. We'll post some pics after the event.


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