Monday 18 July 2011

Lizardmen Stegadon

Another update for my growing Warhammer Fantasy Battle Lizardmen, my Stegadon. "My Spikey" was a present for my 40th from the Canister & Grape lads and his been sitting accusingly on my shelf for over a year now, taunting me with his very incompleteness.

I have to say this is one of the most amazing models I've ever assembled and painted. The detail and complexity are quite something and near drove me mad at some points along the way. If I ever meet the sculptor I plan to congratulate him on his ability and then punch his lights out in the most respectful manner possible.

You'll note the empty space towards the back of the howdah. This is so I can swap his "driver" to suit the occasion - skink priest, chief or plain old spear guy. The extra benefit is that the remaining bits are more than enough to assemble a rather tidy palanquin for Tetto'eko.

Remember to click for bigger versions...



  1. Ouch. You're right about the amazing sculpt. It's really great and your paint makes it stand out.

    Great work

  2. At last count, he's a triskadekaceratops, possibly even a tetra- or pentadekaceratops. Puncture wounds healing nicely, BTW?

    'These wounds I had on St Egadon's day...'

    Lovely work, as usual!


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