Sunday 30 September 2012

Sir Gilbert Talbot's Regiment of Foote

Here's the last of the three painted foot, Sir Gilbert Talbot's Regiment of Foote in yellow coats. Again, these are mostly Renegade with a few fleaBay purchases of undeterminded manufacturer thrown in for variety. I'll play these as 16 x unarmoured raw pike with 2 x sleeves of 12 shotte.

I have a fourth and final unit on the painting table now, a green coated regiment that will most likey be fielded as Northampton's. I've done all the flags myself in Photoshop meaning I can do any of the captain's or senior officer's colours.

I'm also going to do a circular command base for each unit with the colonel, staff and his colour. These have no place in WECW but I've seen others do it and it finishes the unit off nicely. Maybe someone can enlighten me, I think this is something required in the Pike & Shotte rules?

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