Sunday 22 September 2013

Workbench update, housekeeping and for sale

Life has finally settled down quite a bit here at Chez Millsy. The bushfire that went past my back fence is well and truly out, my sinuses are working again (woot!!!) and my son is finally finished his night course so no more working all hours while waiting for him to finish. All that adds up to being less busy, tired and sick and that leads to more hobby time.

I've cleared the workbench and started on a couple of small projects - finishing a few odd space marines and making a start on Evan's command stands for our imagi-nations project. Horses are already done and staff figs are under way.

Cory popped over this arvo and we spent a pleasant few hours pulling stuff out of cupboards and working out what to keep and what to sell off. I've a fair bit of stuff going up on eBay in the next week or so as I look to raise a few dollars and more importantly make some room.

I'm also starting planning for the year's painting challenge over on Curt's blog, sorting out what I want to do and trying to find all the required models.

Two of our giveaway prizes have landed safely so that just leave's one outstanding. That should arrive any day I expect.

That's it for now apart from welcoming Kevin, paulalba2004, GranTurismo Driver, Pat G, Brian Botzan, Emilio and Sean, all who have joined since we last welcomed folks aboard.



  1. Oops, I did forget to reach back and tell the Featherstone book has arrived last week. Only read through a few pages yet (trying to finish two or three other books first).
    My workbench is a little bit more crowded than yours but that is the 40-odd Samurai waiting to be based.

    1. Glad to hear it made it safely mate. I was bit worried. My workbench could be a lot more crowded but I'm practicing a minimalist regime at the mo...

  2. I'm glad to hear that things are settling down for you and you've got time to get some painting in.

  3. Great to see that you're back in the swing of things again.

    May your sinuses remain emptier than a hermit's address book!

    1. Now that's empty. I'm going with "emptier than an election promise" though.

  4. Good to hear your health and family time getting back to normal. Nice WIP's - I think I recognize some Scouts. Best, Dean


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