Wednesday 25 December 2013

The Emperor's New Toys

SWMBO might disagree that I'm the Emperor of anything but I like to think I have some small amount of imperial power within my four walls. Regardless of whether I do or not, right now I certainly feel like an Emperor having been showered with all manner of goodies this Yuletide. So what did I get?

Firstly, RAIN and lots of it. Most people would say that blows at this time of year. As a volunteer firey it rocks my world as it means I'm at home with the family when it matters most. I'm currently somewhere beneath this lot and the only thing I can do is eat, enjoy the company of family and play with my loot. Awesome!

Let in rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Aside from nature's gifts I also lucked out big time, finally getting my sweaty little grippers on the converter's best friend in a Dremel. Any minute now there'll be heads and limbs flying across the desk, none of them mine! Gone are the days of carefully hacking my own fingers off, now things will be done properly.

Add to this all sorts of other goodness including a stack of books like this little beauty and the Dystopian Wars rulebook, the new Presets album and some miniatures and I'm as happy as a man can be. What more could an Emperor want?

Here's hoping you lucked out as well as I did!



  1. That Dremel looks the business alright! I'll have to come on up and see it in action sooner rather than later...

  2. Whose a lucky boy then? Now strangely enough I got the flex extension for my Dremel! Happy Christmas Millsy.

  3. Sweet! I got 3 new SAGA warbands so I'm feeling pretty lucky myself.

  4. Dremel is an awesome bit of kit, I use mine all the time!


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