Sunday 12 April 2015

Paint Table Saturday Sunday

This clearly should have been posted yesterday but I was distracted (in no particular order) by cooking, football, my cat and the television, none of which merits further explanation so on with the post!

Now I've finished a couple of commissions I've managed to find a little Me Time before I dive back in. That allowed me to finish off a unit of Snotlings for my Savage Orcs & Goblins army for Warhammer Fantasy. These were dead easy to paint and reducing the numbers to 3-4 miniatures per base allowed me to squeeze in a more rugged look to the terrain and also extend the unit to 8 bases.

The whole point of these pathetic little chaps is to provide a tar pit to slow down enemy troops. They are immune to psychology and don't break from casualties, so they will nicely tie up something nasty (like Nug's Beastmen Centaurs!) for a turn or two until I can smash them with something equally unpleasant. At the cost of their own pathetic little lives. Oh well, life sucks and then you die when you're at the very bottom of the Greenskin food chain....

I've got a bunch more stuff in the post at the moment and 14 old-school forest gobbo spider riders giving me the glad eye so expect some more stuff in the not too distant future!



  1. So, you have your very own speed bump for WHFB now!

    I cannot emphasise the importance of these little guys strongly enough - I can vouch for the ability of a good swarm to stop the hardest cavalry in its tracks, having stymied a Chaos Knight charge with a couple of bases of creepy-crawlies many moons ago! Ah, happy days...!

  2. Short, green...and beautiful! Nice bases as well...

  3. Fantastic brush work Millsy! I really love 'em.

  4. I love these guys! They look especially great mobbed up on the larger bases.

  5. What a fabulous looking bunch!


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