Monday 28 September 2015

Happy 7th Amnesiaversary, or "Remember, Remember, the Whatever of Whichtember"

Ever get one of those weekends where you get the nagging sensation you've forgotten something crucial, something you were supposed to do, but you can't for the life of you put your finger on it?

Well, amid all the flurry over Millsy's old trouble coming back (Bubonic Plague does take a while to shake off, but his consumption seems to be under control... though if he starts writing piano nocturnes, it's straight off to the emergency ward), and an intervention being planned by concerned friends over my slightly unhinged enthusiasm for a new skirmish game, it turns out that the old firm of C&G has completely forgotten that last Friday was the 7th Anniversary of our illustrious blog!

Amnesia is a terrible disease, so to increase awareness of this debilitating condition, we are declaring a week of celebration; Happy 7th Amnesiaversary!

And to think that that this juggernaut of the blogosphere began in a humble workshop nestled in the alpine forests of Australia's Blue Mountains... Imagine the scene, all those years ago, when local artisan Hieronymus Mills the Younger sat at a bench and handcrafted individual lines of code to dovetail together the thing of beauty you see before you today. Marvel at the detail! And just look at that patina...!

We've notched up over 200,000 page views, helped start an e-zine, and accumulated 243 faithful followers, so we thank you, our constant readers, for giving so generously of your time and attention. None of this would have been possible without you. For what is a blog without followers? It's a scrapbook in the bottom drawer of a forgotten filing cabinet. A rusty filing cabinet with no key, on its way to the tip.

"Yeah, right," I hear you say, "so what's the big deal?"

The deal, Dear Readers, is this; in recognition of this milestone, we'll be making up for lost time and hurriedly assembling what ill-gotten loot we can offload onto our hapless shills some exciting giveaways for our valued followers, friends and casual readers!

How to Enter

There are three ways to enter the Amnesiaversary Giveaway;
  1. Post a comment on this blog, telling us which prizes you would like to win in descending order of preference - faves at the top, but it might be hard to choose!
  2. Provide a link back to this post from your own blog - if you don't have one, start one now!
  3. Become a new follower of this blog.
Each of the above actions nets you one entry in the competition - that's up to three entries if you manage the lot!

So what's up for grabs? Let's take a look into the Vault of Goodies...

The Loot - Seven Years, Seven Prizes!

Frostgrave Necromancer & Apprentice, plus 10 Frostgrave Soldiers.

Frostgrave Summoner & Apprentice, plus 10 Frostgrave Soldiers.

Secret Weapon Round Resin Bases, 'Corpse Field' Theme - 1 x 60mm, 5 x 40mm, and 10 x 25mm

WHFB Plastic Nurgle Lord

WH40K Metal Ork Freebooter Kaptin Badrukk - old skool!

Frostgrave Undead Encounter Pack - 10 x skeletons, 4 x Ghouls, 3 x Zombies

He's back! WH40K Warboss Ghazghkull and 4 Ork Boyz Box.

The Draw

The competition closes at midnight AEDT on Sunday 4 October 2015. Winners will be randomly selected and posted on the C&G blog on Monday 5 October 2015. 

Limit of one prize per entrant - once you've won something, you'll be out of the running for the remainder. First winner gets to choose from the lot, second gets to choose from the remaining six, and so forth, 

Sorry, Number Seven, you get what's left - but with prizes like these, there are no losers!

So let's get this kicked off - Happy 7th Amnesiaversary to you all!

Evan & Millsy


  1. Congrats on hitting the big '7' !

    That undead encounter set looks very nice...

  2. Happy 7th Blog Birthday Chaps, that's some going!
    Please enter me for the Frostgrave Summoner & Apprentice!

  3. Happy 7th guys, keep up the good work.
    please enter me for the Frostgrave Necromancer set.

  4. Congratulations on your milestone, chaps!

    I'll spruik your giveaway on my blog but will pass on entering, as the prizes aren't my cup of tea.

  5. Congrats on the 7th Amniversary! Keep up the good work!

    I'll skip on the draw though. Too much unpainted stuff in the drawers so better leave the draw to someone who might give them more love :)

  6. Hip-hip hurrah! Happy 7th Amnesiaversary guys! :)

  7. Congrats, proud to be an old follower, keep up the good work!
    Please enter me for Frostgrave Necromancer & Apprentice...

  8. Happy septiversary!
    I refuse to be drawn into another genre, so...
    Ah what the hell, Put me down for anything Frostgrave-y (Frostgravy - frozen gravy lollies? Could catch on...)

  9. Congrats! And thanks for this competition, its a nice idea, though really shouldn't us readers be treating you to something?

    Anyway in case I win:
    The Necromancer set (a popular choice!)
    The Summoner
    The Nurgle Lord
    The Bases
    the mantic undead


    1. Be sure to get back to us with your address - your prize awaits!

  10. Congratulations on the anniversary! It's always a great read, thanks.

    Could you enter me for any of the Frostgrave prizes (in no particular order). Thanks.

  11. Although I won't enter the prizes draw, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both of you on your longevity! Seven years is a remarkable achievable and I have to say that I think you are just getting into your stride. It has been my absolute pleasure to follow Canister & Grape over the years, its content aside, you perpetuate such a sense of camaraderie and fun that really brightens our cosy corner of the blog-o-sphere. Gentlemen, it is people like you that inspire many others to share, thank you both!

  12. Happy Birthday, Canister & Grape!
    Cheers, Karl

  13. Congratulations chaps! It's a great blog and it's always lovely to chat with you. I'm really pleased that Millsy is recovered!

    Put me in the draw for Frostgrave, something I mean to try...

  14. Congrats on the anniversary; always a pleasure visiting!

  15. Seven years! Well done :)


    1. Thanks, Aaron,

      That's actually 49 in blog years!

  16. Congrats for your anniversary :) I'd like to enter your giveaway. My choices:
    1 - Frostgrave Necromancer
    2- Frostgrave Summoner
    3 - Frostgrave Undead
    4 - WH40K Warboss Ghazghkull
    5 - WHFB Plastic Nurgle Lord
    6 - WH40K Metal Ork Freebooter
    7 - Secret Weapon Round Resin Bases

    1. Also:
      And I also follow your blog :)

  17. Michael really summed it up in his comment and I would echo those sentiments. It has always been a pleasure to visit your blog and you have made quite a contribution with the magazine. I know those issues inspire people to push themselves farther and we, as readers, benefit greatly from it.

    Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Seven years is a long time and shows great dedication to the hobby.

  18. Congrats on 7 fantastic years of amazing eye candy and inspiration.
    And starting such a great!
    Thanks for all of it

    Please pop me into your comp for the WHFB Plastic Nurgle Lord - thats a star player for my Lad's Blood Bowl team for sure!

  19. That's a very impressive run of quality content you've accomplished there. Congratulations! Please put me down for the Necromancer and Apprentice followed by the Frostgrave undead encounter.

  20. Congratulations Millsy! That's quite a milestone and a very generous competition.

    Kindly put me down for:
    Nurgle Lord
    Frostgrave Undead set
    Frostgrave necromancer set
    Frostgrave summoner set.
    Secret weapon

    1. It's as much Evan as me mate. In fact he's providing more than his fair share of prizes this time round!

    2. Ah yes, my apologies Evan. Congratulations to both of you fine gentlemen.

      I had something to blog, so took the opportunity to spread the word about your kind giveaway:

  21. Congratulations alright, here is to the next 7!

  22. Congratulations and have a fun time doing this blog :)
    Here is my article:
    I follow your blog, and I'd like to participate:
    Frostgrave summoner set
    Frostgrave necromancer set
    Frostgrave Undead set
    Warboss Ghazghkull
    Nurgle Lord

    Thank you for this contest :)

  23. Many, many congrats chaps!
    It's a wonderful blog your maintaining and the work you put into the WBQ e-zine is priceless. It's always a pleasure to come here and a week without Canister & Crape is lacking something.

    As for the raffle I'll not enter all of them but I'd be delighted to get a ticket for the following:
    1 - Frostgrave Summoner
    2 - Frostgrave Necromancer
    3 - Frostgrave Undead

    All the best for many years to come!


  24. Congrats and put me down for the Frostgrave Necromancer or Summoner or the undead.

    1. Blog link:

  25. Congratulations on the Amniversary! I came here for the give-away of course, via the Francis link above (so it works!) but as I'm thinking of getting into Frostgrave I would be following your blog anyway...

    So if I win, I would like any of the Frostgrave packs (Necromancer, Summoner or Undead) or Kaptin Badrukk.

  26. Congratulations on 7 years guys!

  27. New follower here - I have no idea how I hadn't found you before now!
    If I won, I'd like anything Frostgravey that includes a wizard, but if they've already gone, pretty much anything else!

  28. Congratulations and very well done :-) Looking forward to seeing your future postings as a new follower. I'd very much appreciate being put in the draw for :
    1 - Frostgrave Undead
    2 - WH40K Warboss Ghazghkull
    3 - WHFB Plastic Nurgle Lord
    4 - WH40K Metal Ork Freebooter
    5 - Secret Weapon Round Resin Bases
    6 - Frostgrave Necromancer
    7 - Frostgrave Summoner

  29. I love give aways (even if I do not win), because they induce me to actually follow blogs I read irregularly anyway. So new follower here!

    As for the prizes, they are all lovely, but ranked:
    Frostgrave Necromancer set
    Frostgrave Summoner set
    WHFB plastic Nurgle Lord
    WH40k Ghazghkull
    WH40k Freebooter
    Frostgrave Undead
    Secret Weapon Round Resin Bases

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Congratulations guys! Keeping up the steam for seven years is a great achievement.

  32. Congratulations there chaps on an amazing blog and may more years to come.

  33. Oh drat - I missed entering this! That will teach me to go on holiday. But congratulations on the seven years of blogging, launching WBQ and all of the inspirational posts.


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