Saturday 10 October 2015

Paint Table Saturday... Catachans! Again!

I've been slowly getting back to some serious painting this week and to ease into it I've been working on something I've painted plenty of to date (40K Catachans). Once these are done my eye will be well and truly back in and I can jump into commissions again.

This is the third and final platoon for the army, once again 25 men in 2 squads plus command. They're probably about 50% done now with the majority of the skin and uniforms done and really just equipment and weapons to go.

For those who can't remember or have never seen my work on these chaps before here's a sampler from an earlier platoon.

And to finish off here's a custom company standard bearer made from a lieutenant (bald chappie above) with a plastic head from the Fantasy Empire Knights of the White Wolf kit and with the right hand repositioned, drilled out and with a standard inserted. The standard head is also an Empire bit from the knights box. Simple stuff but a good result I think.

That's it from me for today. Next up will likely be these chaps all done. I hope...



  1. The previous ones look really good, excellent painting!

  2. Looking forward to seeing them all painted up.

  3. You are certainly on a roll again, great to see.

  4. Reminds me of my younger days... Nice project and a fine result on the first batch.
    Carry on, Millsy!


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