Thursday 24 December 2015

SAGA Norman Knights and Crossbowmen

Just time it seems to get one last post onto the blog before Christmas kicks off at Millsy Towers.

This time I've got twenty-one Norman Knights and eight crossbowmen for SAGA to show off. Remember to click for larger versions of the images...

These serious looking chaps are all Perry Miniatures early Crusaders but to be honest there's nothing to tell between them and "proper" late Norman cavalry. The main thing from my perspective was they were significantly cheaper per head than any other metal cavalry available, besides the historical accuracy aspect of course.

Warlord and Hearthguard

Warriors unit one

Warriors unit two
The shields are all hand painted. There's loads of perfectly serviceable shield transfers available and some of them are simply wonderful but I always prefer to paint my own. It takes more time obviously but there's a sense of originality and personalisation this way.

Backing up the knights are a unit of armoured crossbowmen. Crusader Miniatures in this case and very nice sculpts they are too. One of the benefits of Crusader is they come in packs of eight, a perfect unit size for SAGA with no wastage or figs left over.

When added to the unit of Flemish Mercenaries and Levy Bowmen already completed that gives me a nice rounded six point warband.



  1. Good looking stuff!

    I'm sitting on 8 points of Normans, six of which (all Old Glory miniatures) are painted. The last two are Gripping Beast, and I actually used Bretons as Norman Warriors.

  2. A superb paint job done on these.
    Merry Christmas to you Michael.

  3. Excellent work! Merry Christmas Michael!

  4. Wonderful drop of Normans, Millsy. I especially love your scratch painted shields. Now go run down some poor foot fellows! ;-)

  5. Beautiful work Millsy. I quite like how bright and colourful they are. :)

  6. Beautifully painted as always, Millsy! Merry Christmas too!

  7. Fantastic work! The cavalry really is top notch!


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