Thursday 21 January 2016

AHPC Bonus Round 2... EPIC Fail

I struggled for inspiration for the second "Epic Fail" bonus round but got there in the end. Once a germ of inspiration had blossomed however, I experienced significant trouble reigning my enthusiasm in but somehow managed it. I think. :-)

Here's my entry, a double dose of revenge for previous digs by fellow inmates Tamsin and DaveD, with both of whom I have a tremendously enjoyable ongoing series of wind-ups.

There are loads of other entertaining, creative and gorgeously painted entries so head over and cast your vote!



  1. A great entry Millsy, they say Revenge is sweet don't they?? I showed Postie the post over on the Bonus round page, he was pleased and puzzled that the Rejects got a mention. I just looked at him and shook my head when he said "But he doesn't even know me?" So once again I had to explain the magic tapping box?? As you may have guessed, Postie doen't own a computer???..........Yes I know??

    1. Is he aware of the irony of a Postie not understanding the concept of sending information long distances by means other than shouting? :-)

  2. Delicious fun Millsy and took the revenge miniature to new heights of sophistication - the backstory was hilarious!

  3. While the models are all top notch, the story is the best part. Just goes to show that fluff sells I guess. Great stuff!

  4. Very nice entry, Millsy. Love the stone work.

  5. Congrats on your well deserved 3rd place Millsy!
    Just behind Michael A....


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