Saturday 18 June 2016

Space Marine Landraider Repairs & Repaint Complete

This little number has been a long time in the works and thankfully is now complete. It's a Landraider Crusader for my DIY Space Marine chapter, the "Angelicus Mechanicus".

I picked it up cheap at CANCON in January and have been working on it on and off ever since. As 2016 is officially the Year of Finishing Shit Projects at Chez Millsy I ploughed on with it and can now cross it off my to do list. [insert Woot! here]

Overall given there was a reasonable amount of repair work to do I'm pretty happy with the outcome. At various stages in it's life prior to arriving in my tender clutches it has been painted blue (presumably Ultramarines), red (presumably Blood Angels) and finally green (presumably Dark Angels). Quite a life and testament to the rigorous engineering principles of the Imperium's workshops...

I'm pretty close to "finishing" this project now too. I've got three Landspeeders on the desk at the moment in various stages of construction which will complete all the vehicles I want. There's a few odd figs to do as well but they're "just because I can" type of things so will likely get put away for a while at least.



  1. That's a grand job Millsy

  2. Fab work Millsy! You've certainly brought that little scrap heap back to life.

  3. Great job mate - thats a far cry from where it was when you got it!

  4. Spiffy looking! As much as I'm nostalgic for the RT kits, the newer marine tanks are just splendid, including the stowage and tools. Nice recovery of great tank!

    1. I agree David. I love RT stuff too but the new SM kits are very nice to look at.

  5. Very tidy work, Michael! Excellently rescued and renovated!

  6. Very nicely done Sir, always great to get one of those 'to do' items ticked off.

  7. Excellent work, Millsy. Love the green!

  8. Great job Millsy! And isn't wasting the Emperor's resources heresy! It just wouldn't do to discard a vehicle after it's previous owning chapter deems it prudent to discard it.


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