Sunday 11 September 2016

Normans and Submarines and Man Flu... oh my!

I've got a virus. It *could* be man flu. I feel like hammered sh1t. As a consequence the photos attached to this post are serious contenders for some of my worst ever miniature photography. Please just bear with me, the items shown do look better that this in real life, honest....

One more project "complete" this week with a final point of hearthguard added to my SAGA Normans, bringing me up to a solid 6 points plus options. Unlike almost everything else around here these only arrived last Sunday so there's an element of the unreal in seeing them completed. I was spurred on by the copy of Age of the Wolf that arrived with them though so perhaps not such a surprise?

These were started during Paint and Chat with some lads from the AHPC and the genial atmosphere saw them more than half done in one session. Nice!

The Kingdom of Britannia fleet continues to swell with completion of all the submersibles as well. All that is left to do now to close this off (OK, for the time being) is a couple of fliers. I'm not 100% sold on the colour of the ocean but I needed something that would contrast with the blue of the hulls so I deliberately overstated the green a bit.

That's it for now. [cough][sniffle]



  1. These Normans (and their bases!) are just wonderful Michael!

  2. Nice Normans and great additions to the fleet :)

  3. cool, good to chat this morning / evening

  4. Excellent work, despite your illness - you're still much more productive than I am when healthy!

  5. Great work despite the ilness! The dreaded manflu seems to be going around all over the world. I was struck down by it a few weeks back, though it was a mysterious strain as the missus was also affected by it...

  6. Nicely done Millsy... Hope the man flu abates quickly

  7. The ocean colour looks good. Nice Normans. Cheers


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