Saturday 4 March 2017

Still here, honestly I am!

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog of late for a number of reasons. A few technical hitches at work have meant a fair few extra hours for starters [sigh!].

On top of that (and MUCH more fun!) I've been finishing off another layout and design commission for the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, this time a supplement for In Her Majesty's Name entitled Gothic. As you can imagine it is suitably dark and will be guaranteed to float the funeral barge of those inclined in that direction...

As with all material put together by Charles and Craig it is a carefully crafted tome, packed full of interesting background material, a huge number of factions and some wonderfully dark imagery.
I've assimilated a fair bit of the content over the journey and I can attest it won't disappoint!

In other news I've been beavering away on my long-in-the-planning-and-collecting stage Warhammer Fantasy Empire project. As usual this is a 6th/7th "Oldhammer" effort and contains a load of glorious renaissance style figures. To date I've managed to complete some artillery and a handgunners from the city of Nuln, home of all things black powder.

Apologies for the rubbish photos of the hand gunners. Best I could manage at the time and I promise better ones will follow.

I've currently got a unit of 10 mounted Reiksguard Knights in the works which should make an appearance on the Challenge blog next weekend I hope.



  1. Wxcellent looking miniatures sir!

  2. These artilleries and gunners are awesome!!

  3. Great minis - and nice layout of the book

  4. Good to know you are still there and I thought the latest supplement had a look of your sartorial style - well done Sir.

  5. great to see you're keeping busy Millsy!

  6. Nice work on the new troops!

  7. I really like your Empire army. it's making me want to get back to my own. After the Challenge though. They are way too slow to paint. Nice work!

  8. I had no idea you were laying out Gothic as well! Nice work!

    I love seeing all that old lead brought back to life; can't wait to see the Reiksguard!

  9. Very excited about getting my copy of Gothic!

  10. good lad... great to see you are busy"


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