Sunday 16 December 2018

Hard Core Challenge Prep

Entering my 7th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I like to think of myself as something of a hardened veteran. I've reached the point where my planning and point totals spreadsheets are a thing of statistical and mathemagical beauty. Refined to the nth degree they enable me to plan my efforts to minute, leaving nothing to chance and driving me to the finish line with the unerring accuracy of an award winning marksman's championship shot*.

* Quite possibly the biggest load of b0llocks you're likely to have read all year.

All this means I take my Challenge prep every bit as seriously as the painting itself. See for yourself the lengths I will go to in order to be properly prepared!

Complete SAGA Milites Christi and Konflikt '47 German forces ready for painting:

Another 1000 points of Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire troops, likewise to be fully prepped prior to the 21st.

And finally, some corrective surgery to my left hand, or as I prefer to call it... Painting Claw II.
This was very carefully timed to ensure it is properly healed and can't impact on my brushwork regime. Yes, really.

5 days to go people. Are YOU properly prepped?



  1. It was impressive bollocks all the same!

  2. You had me going.....
    Quite a collection you have before you. Good luck.

  3. Scheduling surgery around the Challenge, now that’s hard core!

  4. Looks like your going to be busy. Good luck.

  5. Great looking projects, nicely categorized. Evil looking stitching too!

  6. Some interesting projects there Millsy :)

  7. Yo Millsy... that’s good prepping..with that you will be da GIMP ....see you on the other side ...

    Let’s hope things don’t hot up weather wise too much for ya

  8. Hope that hands healing well matey too

  9. Thanks guys. Hand is pretty much all healed now, which was the plan. Don't want anything interfering with the brush twirling! :-)

  10. My desk looks similarly anally retentive - may your paint station be the theatre for a hobby ballet of Bolshoi proportions

    See you there mate!


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