Saturday 5 January 2019

Holiday Project: Dice Rolling Tray

While I was in Queensland last week I took the opportunity to spend some time in the shed with my father-in-law. To give us something to do while we yacked away we knocked up a dice rolling tray for my games table from off-cuts of timber from his past projects.

The sides are 20mm thick hardwood and the base is 5mm plywood. The internal dimensions are
10.5" x 9.5" x 2" deep - yeah I know, I love mixing decimals and imperials ;-).

I've given it a few coats of a lightly tinted semi-gloss varnish which hasn't changed the timber colour much but has brought out the lovely grain. I lined the inside with a black felt and glued a layer of some to the underside to prevent scratching.

Initial test are very positive. Nothing has escaped a decent throw and there's a very satisfying thunk as dice bounce around inside. Overall I'm really pleased with something that cost absolutely nothing but time and that very well spent in great company.

PS. Miles, happy to be critiqued :-)



  1. Your dice tray looks great! And yes, that 'thunk!' of dice well rolled is indeed very satisfying. Odd the things that do that for us besides the toy soldiers themselves, but you are right. Enjoy using it.

    Best Regards,


  2. Very nice! Need to make one myself actually...


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