Thursday 23 April 2020

Language Warning!

REBASING. There. I've said it.

Told you I'd be using rude words and when it comes to my hobby time there's not much I find more offensive than rebasing to be honest. Still, I've had my interest in the WSS stuff reignited and looking to use The Portable Wargame (or another grid-based system hint hint Simon Miller!) that meant I needed to rebase all my existing French stuff.

A couple of hours of careful prising and I was able to remove all of the following from their original 25mm square bases and reorganise onto appropriate single base arrangements. The cavalry are in groups of two where only two squadrons are available, or in a single group of nine where three or more are present.

Having done that I was inspired to paint some more and enjoying the break from all things 28mm
I was able to knock out another four foot in the space of about the same number of hours. There is something incredibly satisfying in sitting down to paint and then walking away from the table with a unit absolutely completed including flags.

I've got some artillery and some staff prepped for painting now some more on those when complete.



  1. Looks awesome, fantastic job Millsy!

  2. Your units look really nice Millsy. Great work on the bases.

  3. I prefer single element BMUs and these look nice. Are these infantry Old Glory strips?

    1. Yes they are with a few Pendraken thrown in.

  4. Those look great Millsy! This was a scale I was thinking of doing the WSS in and this does give ideas for that.


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