Wednesday 30 December 2020

Gaslands Scavenger Hunt

I managed to squeeze one more game into 2020 yesterday when Cory and I played Gaslands together, his Miyazaki team vs. my Slime team. We played a 100 cans game using the Scavenger Hunt scenario. Unlike our two previous encounters Cory won this one pretty comprehensively. I confirmed my hypothesis that adding and exploding ram to a standard ram is bot ha good AND and bad idea. I'll leave you to think about why that may be the case :-)

And just quickly, proof that in Australia even the stick insect are stupidly large and may well be plotting your demise...

Happy New Year to all our followers. Here's to a 1000% improvement in every way on 2020!



  1. Good looking Garlands game. I know in ACW naval games a spar torpedo can be deadly to both target and deliverer, I’m guessing the same is true in Gaslands.
    That things big enough to be a branch or trunk insect.

  2. Cool looking cars and game, Millsy - and that stick insect, wow!

  3. This is really cool mate. It always has me reaching to start a 40k Orc Kult of Speed force. I mean, who doesn't want to build something called a "Boomdakka Snazzwagon"?

    Glad to see the cooler weather has you at home playing this year

  4. What a cool-looking game! You can't go wrong with an exploding ram - or can you...?

    And bloody hell, that's a colossal phasmid!

  5. Love the Slime team.

    That bug freaks me out.


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