Monday 20 December 2010

15mm French Napoleonics

A bunch of us are off to Canberra for CANCON early in the new year. We're doing a demo game of Shako II with the glorious French army taking on the Russian scumbags from the East.

Here's a few pics of my recently finished staff and artillery. These are all AB Miniatures from Eureka Miniatures here in Australia. I've painted a lot of 15mm (these are really closer to 18mm) but I have never painted anything as lovely as these. The quality of the sculpting is better than many larger minaitures and there is certainly no comparison at this scale.

The light is very bright so the pics are a little high on the contrast side. Remeber to click for larger versions.




There's a lot of other material nearly finished as well so there will be a good few posts in quick succession as these get completed.


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