Tuesday 7 December 2010

Nug's Eye Candy

Well I have been abused for not blogging my miniatures, so I have started taking some pictures and hope to add them to the site over time. I am currently working on Russian 15mm Napoleonics army which I will add in another post, along with FoG Mid Republic Romans, Ordanannance French, FoW Armoured Panzergrenadiers and others.

To start with though I have chosen something fun from Space Hulk - the Genestealer broodlord and the Librarian. They were both very easy and fun to paint but I really loved the poses for the genestealers they have a HR Giger feel (I know GW ripped off the movie Aliens but they did it well).

Next to it is the Librarian. The Terminators really rock but the Librarian was a cut above. There is so much detail and variation on each minitaure they cry out for extra love and attention.

No doubt I will in the process of my blogs affront Cory with my camera skills (or lack of) and Mike by my poor grammar but old people are easily upset :o) Russ will back me up.



  1. I'm not bothered in the slighest by your attempts to rile me with ageist commentary. I cannot, however, allow such atrocious layout, lack of tags and even a *title* to go unpunished. Consider your first "effort" to have been rendered "acceptable" now young one.

  2. Nice painting BTW. Every bit as good as I would expect from yourself.

  3. Very tidy work Nug! They're nice figs and you've certainly done them justice; almost makes me want to dust off the 40K Orks and get busy painting... No, no, that way lies madness!


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