Tuesday 5 April 2011

Lead Painter's League 5 - Rnd 4 notes

Here are my photo details from round 4.

for those who are not aware of the competition have a look here, its pretty cool


So here is the pic in question

The Figures

The Cult priest is a RAFM cultist, while the rest of them are from Bob Murch's Pulp figures and are the brilliant Gasmask cultists. The little gravestone / altar is an old piece of RAFM terrain I think, with a 1980's citadel skeleton put in it. As before all figs were painted with acrylic paints being a mix of humbrol, vallejo, then magic ink (sepia) wash. The blood red was almost the last of my 10 year old citadel blood red, a beautiful colour, and a terrible paint it took at least 6 coats to get an even finish.

finished up with ... you guessed it, gloss varnish

Taking the photo

I took the photo using a Pentax K-7, with a 90mm lens on a 3 sec exposure (with a cable release) at F36 but this time only using natural light, that's why it's so much longer an exposure. This seems to have worked a lot better despite looking incredibly dark before editing. I also expected the shadows to effect the pic a lot more than I did, so I am sticking with this method for the rest of my pics. I set the white balance to cloudy instead of manually setting it and that also worked better too.

So obviously despite being brighter and removing the shadows, the mix of the different temperature lights sources made for a poor photo.

This week it looks like I'm finally being competitive in the voting !

next week Africa

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