Tuesday 29 March 2011

Lead Painter's League 5 - Rnd 3

Lead Painter's League 5 - Rnd 3 notes

Her are my photo details from round 3.

for those who are not aware of the competition have a look here, its pretty cool


So here is the pic in question

The Figures

All the figures apart from one are from Dixon miniatures. The odd one out, the Pinkerton Detective with the rifle is of course from the excellent Artizan western range.

I thought this was a better pic having a good range of poses and it included a mounted fig. I thought the western building made a good backround as well.
As before all figs were painted with acrylic paints being a mix of humbrol, vallejo, then magic ink (sepia) washed.

And yes still with the gloss varnish, and it's not going away :-)

The only fig painted recently was the Pinkerton Detective and even he was done early last year, the rest I have had for ages. The building was finished late last year though.

Taking the photo

I took the photo using a Pentax K-7, with a 90mm lens on a 1 sec exposure (with a cable release) at F36 using a mix of natural and Fluro light. I manually set the white balance again but still I'm having problems with the colours being too vivid particularly the green, here are the other 2 edits I made

and this one

As you can see the green foreground never quite looks right, but the difference different PCs was quite surprising, in the end I got my mates to vote on which one I should submit. Tell em which one you prefer

I'm going badly in the voting this week but its more about the high quality of my opponents painting than any gloss varnish hate (I think his pic is too green as well though, I think I'm getting obsessed).

More next week

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