Sunday 6 November 2011

Gruntz 15mm New Israeli Arid Expeditionary Force

Hi All,

This is my first force for the excellent Gruntz 15mm sci-fi skirmish rules. The miniatures are all from Ground Zero Games and comprise a selection of New Israeli hardsuit infantry and various armoured hover vehicles.

Remember to click for larger versions of the images.

I'm fielding them as an expeditionary force properly called the New Israeli Arid Expeditionary Force (NIAEF), more commonly known as the "Khamsin" (desert windstorm), hence the thunderbolt markings.

The force so far comprises:

*** HQ ***
1 x Commander
1 x Specialist (Medic)
1 x Specialist (Engineer)
1 x Gauntlet III Hover Command APC
1 x Hover MAWP with Gauss Cannon
1 x Hover MAWP with Plasma Cannon

*** Mobile Infantry Platoon ***
2 x Rifle Sections (8: Officer, Gauss SAW Gunner, Missile Launcher, 5 x Gruntz with Gauss Rifles)
1 x Rifle Section (8: Officer, Gauss SAW Gunner, Heavy Sniper Rifle, 5 x Gruntz with Gauss Rifles)
3 x Gauntlet III Hover APCs

*** Armoured Platoon ***
3 x Romell III Hover Tanks with Mass Driver Cannons

*** Support Platoon ***

1 x Romell III Hover Missile Launcher

Once they arrive from GZG I'll also be adding:

*** Support Platoon ***
2 x Gauss Heavy MG Sections

*** Recon Platoon ***
4 x Jetbikes

I've got a second force in the mail from various manufacturers. Once they're done I can get a few games under my belt. In the meantime I'm going to knock out a few terrain pieces in the form of off-world colony buildings.

In case people who know me are concerned I'm going soft I've got plans for another three forces. ;-)

Till next time,


  1. These are stunning. I am very jealous. Robin

  2. Beautiful paint and convincing composition. I'm not normally a fan of gevs but you made these look great.

  3. Great work!

    Are the hoverskirts under MAWP separate or cast on?

    1. Cast on. The larger hovers are separate. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    2. Credit where credit is due. The brown came out very nicely.
      Had hoped the skirts were separate like with the small hover utility truck.


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