Sunday 27 November 2011

Warhammer - Tetto'Eko - Astromancer of the Constellations, The Beholder

This little guy has been a work in progress for some time. He's Tetto'Eko - Astromancer of the Constellations, The Beholder - a hero from the Lizardmen army.

I kitbashed him from leftover bits and pieces from the Stegadon box, a couple of 40mm square bases, a flying stand, and some plasticard offcuts. Most of the effort was in the thinking and painting. Actually putting together was relatively simple by comparison.

Resting at his feet is a crystal skull, like that found in the jungle in Belize. To me it looks quite crystal-like in the photos. Not so much in reality ;-)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy him. Remember to click for larger versions of the images.



  1. Very nice work as usual. I particularly like the red-and-turquoise inlay effect on the stonework.

  2. The most pro looking Tetto'eko i have seen on the internet. great job mate!

  3. would love to be able to get an instruction guide on assembley on this guy. Awesome work

    1. There's not really much to tell mate.

      The base to his platform is a pair of 40mm square bases glued top to bottom and then attached to a flying stand. The rest is just the remaining parts from the Engine of the Gods assembled in whatever way seemed easiest.

      If you want to do one I suggest doing exactly what I did - cut everything out much about with different combinations, dry fitting everything tol you're happy....


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