Thursday 12 January 2012

Dogs of War Pike converted from Empire Spearmen

This is my first pike unit for my WFB Dogs of War army - the Reggimento Pica de Belalcázar, or the Pike Regiment of Belalcázar.

The name comes from Sebastián de Belalcázar, a Spaniard from Cordoba who travelled to the New World in search of riches. In Dogs of War terms they are a plain 24 man pike unit with full command. They have two colours - a regimental colour and the family colour of their captain.

I used the old style Empire spearmen as they have puffed and slashed uniforms, more in keeping with the look I'm after than newer figures. I was lucky enough to find almost the entire unit without shields attached, meaning the majority of the work was in drilling out and replacing the spear shafts with brass rod and reattaching the spear heads. I also did a few head swaps from various other Empire sets for extra variety. I'm going to have to magnetically base these guys as the brass pike makes them quite unstable, the "at charge" ones in particular.

Here's the pics. Remember to click for larger versions...

And here's some flat images of the two colours, regimental one first and family second. These were knocked up in InDesign / Photoshop as usual with some free clip art images and a pic from Wikipedia.

Comments and such welcome as always.



  1. Very nice unit, and your flag look stunning. GReat job overall

  2. Really impressive stuff, as usual - the completed army is going to be something to see.


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