Sunday 22 January 2012

Warhammer Dogs of War Duellists

Hi All,

Followers of the blog may remember a couple of posts ago I made mention of a mate called Evan...

One quick thing before I go - a special mention of my very good mate Evan. He's been a bit of an inspiration on these guys and even gave me a unit of Birdmen of Catrazza gratis. Stay tuned for a unit named especially for him...
As I'm a man of my word I present a unit of sell-sword duellists, captained by the infamous Evan the Black of Estalia.

In his earlier years Evan the Black was a gentle, kind-hearted soul scratching out a living working as a stage coaching boss and playing pub trivia in the dives at night. A chance encounter with a cold-hearted tax collector at a trivia night, a scuffle and an "unfortunate accident" where the tax collector fell of his own knife and Evan's ordinary Estalian life was erased in an instant.

He fled to Lustria and lived off his winnings and the contents of the tax collector's purse until the money ran out. Forced into a life of petty crime and violence he learned the hard way that life isn't easy at the bottom. Nowadays Evan the Black leads a band of the very hardest of sell-sword cut throats, going where the money is and doing whatever is asked - for the right price.

Til next time...


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  1. I am honoured beyond my worth!

    Thanks mate, lovely work as always.


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