Saturday 12 January 2013

My mother-in-law is AWESOME

Given that Sandra was 50% responsible for the creation of the wonderful creature I am privileged to call Mrs Millsy, you might imagine that would be enough to earn my mother-in-law the title of AWESOME. In the event that you presented such an argument I would in no way disagree. Quite the opposite.

Sandra is not one to rest of her laurels however. Despite a VERY recent knee replacement she happily agreed to craft the most amazing birthday gift for me. When asked what I would like I mentioned I was sick of photographing my miniatures against a bland background and what I really wished I had was a nice artist-rendered landscape. At this point I was quizzed on what it should look like, how big it needed to be, etc.

Instructions were duly delivered - a rolling country landscape devoid of man-made structures that might place it in time or location. Roughly 1/3 land and 2/3 sky. Also, it needed to be approximately two feet wide and one foot high. Even better if (in terms of style) it could look something like this...

and in terms of content look something along the lines of this...

and this...

So you can imagine my immense delight when I popped by on my way home today to be presented, completely out of the blue with the finished product - a completely bespoke landscape painting intended purely for the use in photographing my painted tin.

And here it is...

To say I can hardly wait to try this out is the understatement of a lifetime. Thanks Mum, you're AWESOME.



  1. Now that really is AWESOME! All hail the Mother in law.

  2. Sandra has done a wonderful job with the backdrop, really impressive!

  3. hmm? Very handy! Well done Mum!

  4. I was only today pondering with painting a background for the same purpose. Now I wish I had a mother in law i could entrust with said task.


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