Wednesday 2 January 2013

Repainted SYW Austrian Artillery

It's not often that I repaint something from scratch. I'm not saying that I'm now (or ever will be) a painting "top gun", but I get by and most of my old stuff I can stand to look at. Except these artillery pieces.

What I was thinking I don't know but I do remember being quite pleased with them at the time (2006). Most likely it was the heady rush of having finished something the night before needed and heading off for a big bash with the lads.

Regardless, now that I've rebased all my other SYW stuff I simply had to do something with these, so I stripped the guns and retouched the artillerists, plus based them all to the current standard. I think they look a damn sight better but tell me what you think...


And 2013 (with pretty poor lighting unfortunately)...

With the exception of four lonely spare cuirassiers lurking at the back of the box I'm now down to (a LOT of) bare metal for our imagi-nations project. Tomorrow we try a small blue-on-blue game of Maurice - our very first. Can't wait...

PS. Enough distractions! Get back to the painting challenge Millsy, you lazy dog. ;-)



  1. Very nice work; having seen them up close yesterday for our game gives me a real appreciation of the effort that has gone into these figs.

    Good game too, BTW - full of surprises!

  2. Ok, that is a big change-up. Nothing wrong with the 2006 version but they're darker, and the cannon color is excellent. Looks like they've been in the field for some time.

    We're just firing up another Maurice campaign so I started clicking through your Maurice posts. Hope you're having fun with the system. ;-)

  3. Thanks Monty. We're a bit quiet on the Maurice front. It's more of a "slow burner" style project.


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