Sunday 10 March 2013

Bolt Action German vs. British AAR

Played first game of BA tonight and had a really good game. Very simple to pick up and the game flowed nicely. I had got my list slightly wrong and Neil's list was very strong but I blew away his centre with an outstanding artillery bombardment (I killed his AT rifle team, blew up his 222 and killed 5 of his 6 pioneers) and some excellent mortar fire. MMGs don't seem that effective and having veteran troops is very much a good thing. Snipers are really deadly and I did not enjoy getting one of my sections behind a hedge getting cut to pieces by him. Neil had small squads of 6 but they were veterans with 3 assault guns with them and a LMG which was a good and tough combination. Very much better than my Regular class sections of 8 & 9 with one SMG and LMG.

Our centres got wasted and Neil's right flank was far too strong for me to attack with a section of infantry, mortar, sniper and Pak 40 defending it. I managed to kill Neil's left flank infantry on the right and my Churchill managed to kill his Stug only after losing 2 squads of infantry and a PIAT team on my right flank into the bargain. At the end of the bloodbath I had a winning draw. If my bombardment hadn't have killed the 222 I might have been in trouble and the PIATs 12" range leaves you wanting a bazooka or two!

Overall an excellent and very cost effective game that I highly recommend. Thought something was missing and realised it was some hills. Still looked pretty good though and I got to use all my new terrain.

Neil had:
  • Lieutenant and 1 man
  • 1 x StuH 42
  • 1 x Pioneer Vet Platoon with 3 Assault Rifles and Flamethrower
  • 2 x Vet Infantry Platoonwith 3 Assault Rifles and LMG
  • 1 x Reg Sdkfz 222
  • 1 x Vet Pak 40 4 crew
  • 1 x Vet Sniper Team
  • 1 x Vet 81mm Mortar with Observer
I had:
  • Capt and 2 men
  • 3 x Reg Platoon with 8 men SMG & LMG
  • 1 x Reg Platoon with 9 men SMG & LMG
  • 1 x Reg MMG
  • 1 x Reg 3" mortar
  • 1 x Reg Churchill
  • 1 x Vet Medic with extra man
  • 1 x Reg PIAT Team
  • 1 x Reg Artillery Observer

I should have taken a 2nd Leut as my HQ as the Capt apparently is additional. Changes I will make will be dropping HQ to 2nd Leut and 1 extra man and making my troops veterans although having fewer of them. I found the medic not that useful but it is hard to say based on one game.


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