Friday 29 March 2013


Things have slowed down to something approaching normal pace now that the Challenge is well and truly over. That's not to say I've stopped working, just that projects and actual gaming are back on the radar.

Project-wise I'm back in the imaginary saddle and have just about finished the first unit of my good mate Evan's proto-Russians - pandours. These stout chaps will be making an appearance tomorrow when basing is complete so stay tuned. His guards are already undercoated and ready to rock as well.

Tomorrow promises to be Good Day. Being a long weekend we're got one of our (in)famous C&G gaming days on with a large Warhammer ECW game on the go. Given the date we're doing a "massaged" version of Cheriton using the troops available. If nothing else this has spurred me on to buy the additional horse I need so that's next to be added to the lead pile. I'll try and get some decent pics for the blog and possibly knock together an AAR as I'm aware that's one area I don't cover nearly enough.

Blog-wise I've gotten round to setting up Pinterest tags on the images. I've been looking at it for a while but my general apathy towards all things social have put me off until now. It seems to be less invasive though, more about letting people find you as opposed to jamming your own doings down the throats of others. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Q. If you pin the Pinterest logo will the internet collapse in upon itself?

Finally, welcome to our new friends who have joined us of late - Iannick, Mo, Steve, Alfons, Vinnie, Sunzi, badjaq and the world famous Ray Rousell. We've really hit the big time now! ;-)


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