Monday 10 June 2013

Angelicus Mechanicus - WH40K Space Marine Successor Chapter

About a week ago Russ suggested we play Warhammer 40K for our long weekend game, and rather than our usual "big bash" we should play some small skirmish style games. We agreed on 500pts and that was that. Or was it?

At this point I started thinking about my Necrons and how I *seriously* needed a break from them. On top of my lack of enthusiasm for playing my Necrons again I've also been suffering from a massive attack of figure painting apathy, clearly evident in all the terrain I've been making of late. So why not put all this to good use? Time to get working on a project I've been planning for a loooong time but never gotten round to executing - my own successor Space Marine chapter.

So here they are below. 8 days worth of painting later we have 650 or so points of Space Marines. There are plenty more to come. Everyone will have the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol on his shoulder if at all possible and everyone will have a red or green theme where appropriate.

Firstly, a Reclusiarch with jump pack and a 5 marine assault squad, also with jump packs.

Next up, a 5 man scout squad.

And a 10 man tactical squad.

And finally, a (badly flash burnt dang it!) dreadnought.

And now, in the Emperor's name it's fluff time...

[Fluff] *
Angelicus Mechanicus is spawned from two of the main Space Marine chapters, the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels. Within the ranks of each chapter are marines with a divergent gene which give them an affinity with all things mechanical. Initially it was feared these rogue marines would need to be cleansed from the gene pool, however the Adeptus Mechanicus offered them a home in the form of it's own new military arm. Given the heritage of the marines forming the chapter, it was named the Angelicus Mechanicus.

* Disclaimer: That's all the thinking I've done or am likely to ever do. I like painting Space Marines, especially the old skool metal ones. I like red. I like green. I like the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol. I don't pretend it makes sense. I don't pretend it fits well with any other fluff or the universe. If you are a massive GW fanboy and want to have a rant about how none of this makes sense or could never happen then feel free to leave now. ;-)

As is always the case I learnt a few lessons along the way:

  1. Don't assume those funky big mechanicus shoulder pads with allow you to glue a backpack on when all the painting is done. You might just have to trim them down with scalpel at them same time as not trimming yourself. All ten of them. Without cutting yourself or damaging your paint job. You idiot.
  2. Don't think you can drill and pin all the arms and weapons in ten minutes. It will take at least 15 minutes per miniature no matter what you think.

That's it for now. Thanks for popping by...



  1. I love Space marines but none of my so called friends do in our group but lurking around my man cave are several, I like what you've done...who wouldn't?

    1. Thanks mate. Just because nobody else you know wants to play something doesn't mean you shouldn't break out the brushes if it interests you!

  2. Very nice! And did they perform as anticipated?

    1. If you mean did I get my ass handed to me the way you normally do when taking a new army out for your first dust up, then the answer is a resounding YES. Curse my dice. It looks like it's time to set another example. Where's my blow torch?

    2. The Dice Gods are fickle. Try sacrificing your first-purchased figure to them at the next Solstice.

  3. That is a seriously impressive turnaround for eight days - wow! Also liked these, but I'm more able to resist the temptation these days.

    1. When I'm interested or motivated I can move myself along pretty quickly. My problem is that I like detail and can't abide not putting effort into it when it's there.

      Regards temptation, well, I'm pretty much akin a to a spaniel in a strong breeze outside the pie factory on a Monday morning...

  4. Fantastic painting - now that I've ventured out of purely historicals, I can appreciate fine work like yours even more. Warm Regards, Dean

  5. I'm working on something similar, a Space Marine force made up of only Techmarines. My fluff is that its Marines that are seconded to the Mechanicus to learn their trade.


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