Sunday 30 June 2013

Workbench update

I've been away on a mini holiday this week which has halted my painting efforts. I wasn't going to let a holiday completely put me off modelling however and I picked up a WH40K Space Marine rhino on the way down to our cottage.

It rained a lot while we were there (not that we cared!) but that gave me plenty of time to assemble and customise my first armoured transport. My number one tac squad will be rolling around inside this one and she has extra armour, smoke launchers and a pintle mounted storm bolter already installed. I've assembled the roof with the option of running it as a razorback with las cannons when I need a bit more punch as you can see.

Since I've been back I have managed to get some painting done though and I've finished another ten scouts. This gives me enough for two five man assault squads with heavy bolters plus a five man sniper squad. Cory has a couple of spare scouts which I'll customise a bit so I can run a ten man assault squad as an alternative.

Things are moving along nice and quick at the moment. Next up will be some more work on my armour, some terminators and possibly the dev squad. I reckon I should be able to get to 2000pts within another month or so. Not bad for a project I hadn't planned on touching 4 weeks ago...



  1. WOW that's one heck of a nice vehicle there.

  2. Very nice work!

    Your motivation is clearly returning.
    ; )

  3. Inspirational work as always - as you know I'm currently smitten with WHFB, I've been checking out the stuff on White Dwarf online - lots of fantastic 40K stuff. I'm thinking of trying my hand out on a figure or two - not necessarily for gaming, but who knows. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks folks. DeanM, I'm a big fan of you WHFB stuff and have been following your work closely...


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