Wednesday 21 August 2013

SAGA Scots Warriors Complete!

Never let it be said that Ev doesn't believe in the good old-fashioned concept of suspense. It's been two months since I posted my 2pts of completed Scots Hearthguard on C&G. So, at long last, here are the two remaining points of Alba's finest.

Well, some of them, at least...

I haven't got as far as painting the Argyll socks on them yet. And turn around, the camera's this way!

Here's a fine body of men, stalwart of demeanour and stout of heart. They display the stoicism for which the sons of Caledonia have become famous.

"On foot should all guid Scottis warre..."

The lads below, on the other hand, are an altogether different proposition.

"Hinka canfeh? C'mon then!"

Yes, this means that, all bar the Warlord are now completed to a playable standard. So here's the assembled multitude by way of summary;

But who, I hear you ask, is the tall striking fellow in the middle? That's the yet-to-be-completed warlord, awaiting the construction of a base worthy of his heroic status (Because, let's face it, a paint pot lacks the necessary scenic appeal for a nobleman of ancient Alba). Other than that, he's almost done. Here's the story so far;

(Incidentally, these old-school GW paint pots are great for this kind of thing.)

A bit of tidying up, and it's on to the basing - should I see if I can lay hands on some Viking casualty figs to decorate the scene a bit?

And where to from here? I still have a point of Hearthguard in their blister pack, or I could assemble those formidable Hebridean hired swords, the Sons of Death. Either way, I'll have to move pretty smartly, since my illustrious adversaries Millsy and Nug are both recruiting formidable warbands of their own! Mayhap the borders will be aflame with red war sooner rather than later...

Stay tuned!



  1. This is stand out work. The freehand tartan is fabulous and those shield are beautiful.

  2. Thanks Anne, but I have to give the ol' shout-out to Steve Hales of Little Big Men Studios for the shield transfers. He really does sterling work, worth every penny!

    BTW, I hope your hubby is making a good recovery - all the best to you and your family!

  3. Seriously nice work mate. The tartans have been a real pain I know but the result is worth the effort. They look amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing them on the table and giving you a sound thrashing. ;-)

    1. Well, since you've elected to go with six points, I can only assume that you've precious little confidence in the ability of your warriors to administer said thrashing...
      I kid, of course; no doubt the dice will favour you as much as they seem to hate me!

  4. Very good work. Excellent tartan style patterns.

    1. Thank you, all that tartan was an uphill battle at times - I think my levies will be plainer!

  5. My word that is an awful lot of superb tartan painting on show! What a formidable group, splendid work.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Mr Awdry. You do me too much honour, sir!

    2. Great work here, Ev! The mass of tartan makes this warband shine. Every time I think of painting Scots, the thought of all that work puts me off. Kudos to you for powering through it!

    3. Monty, thanks so much for your support.

      You have to share some of the credit for this, actually; it was the wonderful work of Millsy, Mr Awdry, and yourself, along with other blogonians too numerous to mention, which shamed me out of my creative torpor.

      So thank you one and all, friends in the blogosphere; I couldn't have done this without you!

      (Although a break from tartan might be in order soon...)


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