Monday 12 August 2013

SAGA 6pt Anglo-Danish Warband finished

Something of a rarity from me today... No, not a completed force, a lunchtime post! ;-)

I finished the last of my levy archers over the weekend to complete a full 6 point SAGA Anglo-Danish warband. I now have:

  • 1 x Warlord with Dane-axe
  • 2 x Hearthguard with Dane-axes
  • 1 x Hearthguard
  • 2 x Warriors
  • 1 x Levy Archers

...which totals 41 miniatures. I've actually go enough odd (painted) spare chappies to do another hearthguard and another warriors for really big games too.

Enough nerdy numbers, here's the pics... (Remember to click for larger ones)

Warlord and favoured hearthguard

Warlord and full hearthguard



More warriors

Levy archers

Levy archers again

Full warband

I'm rather pleased with the finish overall. They still need a quick zap of dullcote but otherwise I'm completely done.

Next up on the painting table? Well, I've decided to declare martial law of sorts. There are some unpainted Space Marines, ECW command stands and a unit of Imagi-nation infantry on there now. Until ALL of that is complete nary a single wee miniature man will be let loose the lead pile...



  1. Great looking force and great to see some of the old citadel Norse figures
    Peace James

  2. Great looking minis, very nice work on the colors!

  3. Cracking job of painting these up. Also they photographed very well with the terrain behind them.

  4. Excellent paintwork Millsy!!

  5. They look superb, lovely to see them all arranged like that in the final photograph.

  6. I stand amazed. What a sight! The terrain looks great as well, a fitting backdrop to such splendid figs.

    I'd better lift my game, I'm afraid I don't have 4 points of my braw Scots completed yet, much less six... It's all that tartan!

  7. Thanks for all the kind comment folks.

    @Andrew S, I think they make things more interesting. I've certainly gotten good value from them in test games.

    @James B, absolutely mate re the old Citadel Norse. I love them.

  8. Sorry Millsy missed these.

    What a menacing bunch of well painted figures!




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