Monday 11 November 2013

More Necromunda on the workbench

It's raining! Hurrah! At last, after all the hot dry weather and bushfires it is RAINING and RAINING HARD. The direct result of that, however, is that I can't varnish anything. And the direct result of that is the only other thing to do is keep painting.

Consequently I've been doing something I very rarely do - painting for the sole pleasure of painting itself. Normally I bash away at stuff at high speed, driven my desire to see things complete and on the table.
With the Necro figs I'm working on at the moment though I have settled into a steady rhythm and am really enjoying them. So what's been done???

Firstly, a couple of official Necromunda bounty hunters, a spare plastic 40K dude and a random fig I can't for the life of me identify. The first three are all yours to name Evman. Number four I've already taken care of...

TBA, TBA, TBA and No Way Jose aka "The Remonstrator"

Rear view of the above

Next is a couple of 40K Imperial guardsmen and a pair of proper Necromunda gangers. Numbers one and three have both had their heads gleefully hacked from their shoulders and replaced with something less akin to their true nature. Hopefully that disguises them a little. If not, who cares anyway? Name away Evman...

Head-swapped Valhallan, Valhallan, head-swapped Cawdor heavy and Orlock

Rear view of the above

I've got one more 40K Catachan and an old-skool plastic gretchin to go. There are also a couple of Mordian Guard with special weapons left over which I can't decide what to do with. Trade? Paint anyway?

Lastly, before my manners desert me the heartiest of welcomes to Neil Andrews, Geoff K and Danisnotatree who take the follower count to 137.



  1. These look bloomin brilliant! Love the colours to lift the individual characters!

  2. Stunning characters, Millsy. Really crisp painting and vibrant colors. Best, Dean

  3. Ditto with the other two. These really stand out with good defined and bold highlighting. Great colour choice too.

  4. Thanks for the comments chaps. I'm really letting the colour chart off the leash with these guys, partly for the fun of it, partly as its Necromunda so what the hell. Nothing says "cyborg bounty hunter" like purple pants and a cheesy hazard-striped chainsword... ;-)

  5. Stunning paintjob with these guys! My favourite is the first one, (Head-swapped Valhallan is his real name?), I already see myself going to meet him in a dark alley ... a unique encounter ...fantastic colors with all of them!!

  6. I do like "No Way" Jose, aka "The Remonstrator"! But what about his mates?

    We have (L to R) Rudi Godunov, Bounty Hunter and the Underhive's most celebrated practitioner of the art of interpretive dance (his motto is 'always armed and FAAABULOUS!!'), Oldblood Bishop, aka "Uberfly", and Roger Daly, Necromunda's last remaining milkman.

    Roger has endured as a relic of a simpler time, albeit with a few tweaks which have kept him in the game when others have fallen by the wayside; his milk float is a Space Marine-surplus land speeder, and his dedication to the prompt delivery of fresh milk products in the Underhive means that he is always armed and ready. He is also known for his dry wit, and his repertoire of dairy-related puns, which he deploys when confronting those who would interfere with his rounds. I leave these to your imagination.

    The lower picture depicts Frank "The Teacher" Jablonski, one-time high school metalwork teacher who, following an 'accident' with a lathe, fashioned his own cybernetic prosthetics from a few spare spanners and a drill press. For some reason, he doesn't like juve gangers, and gets +1 on any BS rolls at these targets.

    Next is Elmer Dewberry, owner of an 'extermination' business; he eradicates any pests, no questions asked. He also cosplays Imperial Guard in his spare time.

    Lars Nordquist, filmmaker and hired muscle. His conditions of employment invariably include a clause giving him the rights to all filmed footage of his firefights. A disciple of the Dogme 40,000 school of film-making, he is a relentless perfectionist who will only fight under natural light conditions, while his 70mm Panaflex Stubber is known and feared throughout the hive.

    And lastly, The Maitre D; no man knows his true name, but his red apron is a clue to his shadowy past. Rumour has it that he was once a headwaiter at the Spire's most elegant eatery, but one terrible night, many years ago, he flew into a rage and killed a patron with a corkscrew. Forced to flee to the Underhive, he is now a hired gun and bounty hunter. All that is known for certain is that the mere mention of the word 'Merlot' will send him into a murderous frenzy...

    1. Argh! I think I hurt myself laughing. The worst/best bit was "He also cosplays Imperial Guard in his spare time." Curse my overactive imagination...

    2. Hey, I just call it like I see it...
      ; )


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