Monday 14 July 2014

German Ostfront Grenadiers Complete

This is officially the Year of Finishing Unfinished Projects here at Chez Millsy. Thus far things are well and truly on track and the following is proof - my completed Flames of War 2000pt Eastern Front German Grenadier army for Mid/Late War.

Over the last few weeks I've finished the following:

Full grenadier platoon one

Full grenadier platoon two

120mm heavy mortars

Machine guns
That gives me a really solid force when combined with all the completed support and weapons platoons. All up the force consists of the following:
  • HQ plus attachments
  • Full grenadiers
  • Full grenadiers
  • MGs
  • 120mm heavy mortars
  • Light infantry guns
  • Heavy infantry guns
  • PaK 36s (4)
  • PaK 36(r)s (4)
  • 1/2 battery of nebelwefers (3)
  • Full black pioneers with goliath
  • StuG Gs (3)
  • Marder Is (2)
I've gone for a sort of Spring/Summer woodland theme on the bases with plenty of exposed earth and some weeds/flowers/grass tufts amongst all the rock and broken trees.

When laid out it takes up a fair bit of space as you can see from the following (which is sans armour and a few transports as well).

I'm well chuffed to have this finished. The grenadiers were horribly miscast to the tune of about one in five miniatures and required significant work to get them up to something like usable. They are the main reason it took so long to get this army complete. They're quite nice sculpts but the end product was of such inferior quality I won't be buying Forged in Battle miniatures again. A shame really as they are much better value than Battlefront.



  1. Very impressive set of troops, love your bases, always great on a table...excellent work!

  2. Very impressive job indeed! Especially the bases are top notch. Almost minisize dioramas on their own already :)

    1. Thanks Samuli. That was the intention. I find almost half my time on a project now is basing. I don't seem to be able to restrain myself :-)

  3. You made up for any imperfections in the sculpts here. Love the basing as well.

    1. Thanks Anne. Good to see you back in circulation.


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