Thursday 31 July 2014

Flying under the radar

Evan and I were just talking about how we've been neglecting our blogging duties of late. To be fair, I've got loads going on with a Japanese exchange student in the house this week, plus a load of fire brigade activity too. Still... none of that is an excuse so by way of explanation of things I am doing here's a quick run down of what I'm doing right now.

1. Pulling together the next game in my ECW campaign with Adam and Curt. This installment will be some sort of all cavalry engagement which will be a good change of pace. I don't often do this sort of game so it should prove a challenge to both design and play.

2. Reading a cracking book about Australians in the First World War. It's as much about the families involved and aftermath as it is about the battle in question itself. I suspect the author started out to write one story and ended up writing another. Not necessarily a bad thing if done carefully. I'd seen mixed reviews but I got it super-cheap on sale I'm struggling to put it down. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend it.

3. Stripping a pile of miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy (more Savage Orcs) and a few odds and sods for other projects. Why some people paint with the seeming intent of filling up all the available detail on a miniature I don't know.

And finally...

4. Working on a super-secret project with a bunch of like-minded loonies [ahem!] talented individuals.
All will be revealed soon i.e. when we get our collective act together. :-)

Before I sign off, a quick welcome to r.a.e. gingerbhoy, Matthew Parmer, Sander, service ration distribution and quidamcorvus who have all joined us recently. I have no idea what half of your names mean but it's great to have you aboard!


  1. Well, we were wondering what you were up to! ;)

  2. Alas, we have been delinquent in our duties of late, what with the extraneous pressures of real world happenstance and so forth, so I am glad that my blolleague Mr Mills has alerted the wider world to the fact that we are still very much a going concern!

    Stay tuned, readers, more to follow...

  3. A cavalry engagement as part of a campaign sounds like fun. About to start a Chain of Command campaign but any cavalry will be of the Panzer type.


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