Saturday 27 December 2014

Painting Challenge Update

Hi All,

My latest entries have been up on the Challenge blog for a while now so I can post them here.
I won't go into great detail on either, rather I'll direct you to the relevant blog entries.

First up is a pile of 15mm sci-fi from a variety of manufacturers. In total its 54 x regular infantry,
2 x mortars and crew, 9 x battle suit infantry, a mech, a command truck, 2 x missile carrying APCs and 4 x recon jeeps. They're painted up as the Titan Marines Rigel 7 Desert Campaign Force of 3012NC... aka "Herbie Goes to Rigel 7". Sod's Law showed up right on time and I found a pile more stuff I could have painted when I was putting these away. :-)

All the vehicles save the mech are repainted Matchbox diecast model cars. The miniatures are a mix of Rebel Minis and Khurasan. In total this netted me 194 points. View the detailed post here.

My other recent entry was another unit of Savage Orcs (Da Grey Skulz) and a couple of heroes for my growing Warhammer army. This was a unit of vanilla Orc Boyz and worth 135 points. I'm still umming and ahhing about the shields as I don't have enough of any one style to do all the units in the army. View the detailed post here.

And to prove I'm not slacking off here's a picture of the chaos that passes for my painting desk.
Even I'm not quite sure what's going on here and in fact this morning another two projects got added. C'est la vie!

Finally, for those who think I don't sleep, here's conclusive proof I do. Face down in the models. Mostly when the coffee wears off... :-)



  1. Inspired painting, Millsy! I do love the Orcs You must have a caffeine IV drip, the way you've rocketed to and stayed in 1st place!

  2. "'Tis no man, 'tis a relentless painting machine!"

    At least one of those beetles should have been numbered 53, BTW...
    ; )

    A sterling effort there, young Millsy. Your espresso machine must be taking a thrashing, though!

  3. Nicely done - I was just thinking about revving up my 15mm sci-fi project and looking for some diecast models for the cause... coincidence?

  4. Superb stuff... Sleep is over rated anyway...

  5. Blimey! you have been busy.
    Superb job on the diecast vehicles.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015.

  6. Lovely job on the sci-fi and like the conversions on the matchbox

  7. Superb stuff Millsy. Let's hope that the Titan Marines don't succumb to the "Love Bug" :)

    1. That's why they were breathing apparatus. :-)

  8. Top work, Millsy - some fantastic painting there. i feel dizzy just looking at this quantity and quality! And don't worry, you can always sleep in the midle of March next year!

  9. Stunning work on all of these, Michael. I really love those Baja Bugs too. You've certainly earned some rest - but not too long as we love to see more of your brushwork. Warm Regards, Dean

  10. You're not sleeping!!! It's more than obvious you are simply doing left handed close up detail painting.

    Your audience is not so easily fooled!


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