Thursday 1 January 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Another one bites the dust! That can only mean one thing, looking backwards and planning forwards...

Glorious Plan Millsy 2014

Here's what I planned for back in January of last year...

Buy a minimum of new models / paint models I already own
Pretty much a success on the buying front. I did buy some stuff to top up or complete existing projects, mostly Epic Squats and WFB Savage Orcs. I only invested in one new project (40K Cadians) and only to the tune of about $150. I also unloaded quite a bit of stuff which more than paid for what I bought.

On the painting front I slammed it. I'm in the middle of putting together a pictorial review but the volume of stuff completed is dragging that out. Stay tuned!

Become a better painter
Definitely some improvements in things like blending and colour choices. Still no use of the airbrush (shame, shame!) and no wet palette which is just laziness and not wanting to interfere with my current methods. A 51% pass mark I reckon :-)

Make more quality terrain
Russ got his small scale islands for naval games and that's about it. Fail!

Projects "Recycled" from 2013 (and ummm.... futher back)

A division of Saxons in 15mm for my Napoleonic army
Ka-ching! Complete with extras and they did themselves proud on the table.

The remaining grenadier platoons for my Flames of War 15mm MW German Grenadiers
Done! Again with extras and they're great fun to plan.

A very large number (200+) 28mm imagi-nation troops for both Evan and myself
[Ahem] Move along now, nothing to see here... Literally!

Complete my Warhammer 40K Space Marine chapter
Close. Like really close. I missed by a few half finished vehicles and about 10 miniatures. I painted a load of stuff though so that's more than satisfactory.

Paint two 28mm Royalist ECW cavalry regiments and a small Scots foote regiment
Done. Well the foot versions anyway. Renegade were out of production for a long time and I did buy one Bicorne regiment which is soon to be painted in the Challenge. The Scots are lurking about but I've got half a mind to sell them as I don't need them at all.

Make some 28mm terrain - grassed hills, proper roads and rivers
Shhhh. Don't mention the war!

Make some small scale terrain - islands and coastline for 1:1200 naval, paint remaining resin buildings
Islands and coastline, check! Remaining resin buildings? Uncheck!

Continue my Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War
Slow progress but it's a labour of love. It may never get finished as Evan seems to find something else every time I paint something!

Finish my Necromunda gangs - paint the last 5 Cawdor, repaint my recently stripped Delaque and Pit Slaves, paint the last 10 or so Ratskins
The Cawdor are complete and enjoying a good run out in our campaign. Everyone else is lurking in boxes and will make an appearance sooner rather than later.

Glorious Plan Millsy 2015

I'm currently moving at a decent pace in the Challenge so that should kick things off nicely.
What's on the cards this year then?
  • Finish the WFB Savage Orcs
  • Finish the 40K Space Marines
  • Finish the Epic Squats
  • Paint all my remaining VBCW miniatures (Soap Works Militia and Chester BUF)
  • Plow on through the Warmaster Empire, hopefully to completion
  • Finish touching up the Cadians I bought in 2014 and add some vehicles and maybe some elite support
  • Continue the WFB Dogs of War
  • Finish ALL the remaining Flames of War
  • Get some more terrain made and in use
  • Finish the ECW Royalists
  • Finish my extra Dystopian Wars Britannian ships
And.... most likely several mad "side projects" as Curt likes to call my lack of focus. :-)

So that's it. Plans, mice, men. You know the drill!

Thanks for popping by in 2014. I hope my mad ravings and flipping back and forth between projects was somehow compensated for with interesting stuff and lots of pics of toys! Hope to see you back in 2015.



  1. I am severely disappointed to see the ECW Royalists at number 10 on your list of priorities. His Majesty expects them to be NUMBER ONE! . . . (enough said, eh?)

    -- Jeff

  2. Happy New Year...and good luck for the new plans!

  3. Happy New Year Millsy, looks like you've got plenty to keep you going in 2015 and your breathtaking pace in the challenge is certainly something to behold!

  4. Happy New Year, Millsy! Best, Simon

  5. A successful year I would say and an ambitious project list. Good luck and Happy New Year!


  6. Some great results there mate and some fantastic stuff emerged from your painting desk in 2014
    Have an equally good and enjoyable 2015 Millsy!

  7. Looks like a great year was had.. And you did not include your great work on WBQ...looks like another eclectic year ahead!

  8. What a year it's been! Millsy goes from strength to strength as a painter while I try to find time to complete eight lousy SAGA figs!
    ; )
    My new year's resolution is to try and spend a bit more time at the work bench, and hopefully increase my output; three more SAGA warbands waiting in the wings, more to learn of NMM technique, and assorted boxes of side project figs crying out to be painted!

    Happy New Year to all our friends and followers!


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