Monday 29 February 2016

My Steamy Little Tramp

I'd like to introduce to a steamy little tramp called Jennifer Dee. We've been spending a lot of time together recently and I've really come to appreciate her fine lines...

OK, that's enough hinting and silly innuendo. The "Jennifer Dee" is a 1:56 scale model of a tramp steamer for use in Pulp / VBCW gaming and is also my entry in the Nautical Bonus Round of the 6th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

Most of her is put scratch built using a range of materials, most notably blue insulation foam, various thicknesses of card and foamcore, timber and plasticard. The only commercial components are the anchors, bollards, life preservers and ventilators. These are all difficult to model quickly because of the compound curves so I elected to spend my time elsewhere because I knew she'd be a bit effort anyway.

Do go and have a look at all the wonderful entries and vote for your favourites while you're at it!



  1. That's one of your best yet - you MUST have sold your soul to the Dark Lord of Terrain Building! Like I keep saying, arcane powers...

    1. Close. I've offered him sanctuary within my corporeal form. He's not bad company actually. His sense of humour is even more twisted than mine.

  2. Saucy! Well what can I say? Not content with building a castle, you go and knock up a steamy tramp - no wait let me rephrase that! I absolutely love this, as I have all your bonus rounds, the standard this year has been quite stellar.

  3. Quite nice! Useful for vary many things, which is key for such a large expenditure of effort.

  4. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. I have a terrible suspicion I've got the bug now...

  5. lovely job Millsy ... i can see this being a scene for many an adventure... now where do i get a submarine

  6. What a great boat...your method is very similar to my own tramp steamer..


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