Sunday 14 August 2016

Flames of War DAK Project finished!

Phew! This one has really taken some time to get over the line, a solid three weeks of effort in fact. When I think about it I've basically painted the entire infantry and support formations for a solid 2000 point Tunisian army so maybe not so bad after all. Excuse the photos, it's well past bedtime and I just wanted to get this posted.

First up, HQ and a 10.5cm battery...

Two full strength Panzergrenadier battalions (all the transport is already done)...

And finally a full heavy platoon as well...

I've still got to add a few bushes to the bases but otherwise this project is done and dusted. In total I've got something like 4,000 points of DAK so stay tuned for better photos in the shape of another army gallery page sooner rather than later.

What's next? A breather I think and then perhaps a boat load of Dystopiand Wars Kingdom of Britannia if I can muster the energy.



  1. Great looking army, splendid bases and paint job!

  2. "Finished a wargames project" - that's absolute madness Millsy. Surely there must be something else that you could add...
    Well done. Peter

  3. finished... you mad fool you . go and get a check up at the doctors!

    Lovely stuff there Millsy..

  4. Excellent looking force there! Really should get back to work on my own 15mm projects...

  5. Well I say, they look the business, bravo Sir.

  6. Nice looking collection you have! Finished? I think not!

  7. Very nice mate - great to see these after seeing the rest of the Army in the flesh

  8. Impressive effort Millsy! 2000 points worth of Flames of War in just three weeks is definitely nothing to be ashamed of!

  9. Shut the drawer on that one then? Wonder what other goodies you have in the lead pile...

    1. You might want to reconsider that unless you have a spare year or three :-)

  10. Thanks everyone for the positive comments!


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