Sunday 5 February 2017

Boxes for Boxers... and some prep

Motivation is at a premium at the moment unfortunately. Work is taking it's toll as is the seemingly relentless heat and humidity which makes any kind of painting a chore. On top of that I'm nearing completion of my latest commission design work. So, loads of excuses not to paint!

I'm still waiting for pretty much everything I've ordered for the 55 Days at Peking project to arrive in the post which isn't helping. One thing I have managed to do is score some boxes for storage of the various terrain items as and when they get built. Each is roughly 18" x 12" x 6" which is a great size to allow for up to two-story buildings and more than capable of accommodating various taller items like gates and trees.

In Challenge-related news a number of projects have been sitting stalled on the workbench for some time now so today I cleaned up, put unfinished stuff away and looked for something I was genuinely interested in working on to try and recapture my elusive mojo. It turns out starting my long planned Warhammer Empire project might be just what I'm looking for.

Today I've cleaned, prepped and based up a 24 man unit of halberdiers and a pair of artillery pieces and crew. I might even get a little paint on them tonight.

So... back on track. Hopefully.



  1. Good to see you getting your Mojo back mate, despite the heat!

  2. Mojo likes cookies. Hope it stays for a while to help you paint.

  3. "as is the seemingly relentless heat and humidity which makes any kind of painting a chore"

    I always assumed that my inability to cope with this was down to my being a pathetic, weak English immigrant. Obviously not :)

    I've actually got some painting done this weekend, amazingly enough.

  4. Hang on in there Millsy, better hobby-times must be forthcoming eventually!

  5. Some old Foot Reiksguard mixed in with the halberdiers there, and is that Leonardo the Engineer lurking in the background?

    So good to see the old lead getting a new lease of life!

  6. I had those GW minis- sold them- shouldn't have. They are great...

  7. Good to know you're out there and they are perfect boxes for the Boxers.

  8. Damn that Mojo thing... though I can understand it with the weather and work.

    If you get a chance pop on a chat and we can encourage ya!

  9. Good progress and the right track?


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