Sunday 29 January 2017


Just got back from the annual road trip to the nation's capital Canberra for a weekend of gaming related shenanigans. The weekend followed a well established pattern of drive, shop, natter, eat, natter, sleep, eat, shop, drive and was in general a most satisfactory outing.

Highlights of the weekend included the second instalment of the CANCON wargame blogger's meet-up. Unfortunately this year with the public holiday falling on the Thursday there was a noticeable drop off in people able to make it. Still, I was able to say g'day to a number of fellow bloggers. Cheers to Reilly and Paul O'G for the pic.

I managed to pick up a few bargains at the second hand stall including 8 assorted Warhammer army books for $37 total, a unit of High Elf cavalry for $15 and approximately $85 worth of Firestorm Armada ships for $34. Very happy with that haul! I won't be venturing into the Firestorm Armada space, buying the ships for use with more generic small scale rules like A Sky Full of Ships.

I also picked up a couple of new games to play with the family:

Dinner was entertaining with Kaptain Kobold, Barks and the War and Peace boys as well as a healthy showing from our mob. The Duck's Nuts pub is a pretty good venue and the food was up to scratch too. Conversation ranged over a number of topics including the general loathing of a certain well-known wargames forum. I never cease to be amazed by the number of people who have been offended by the content and/or a proportion of the community on there, myself included.

The only real disappointment of the weekend was the lack of variety amongst the traders. Everyone seemed to be selling the same thing and I wasn't able to pick up any of the terrain items I had hoped for the 55 Days at Peking project. I guess that's a missed opportunity for the traders and the money will go to online vendors instead now. Unfortunately that means postage will have to be paid but I can't help that.

That's pretty much it. Only 364 days till the next one!



  1. Pity about the terrain. Oh well, there's always scratch-building!

    Looks like a grand day out; I'll get there one day!

  2. Looks like you had a good trip. I hope to make it back one day - won't be next year - 2019 maybe?

  3. Great to see you mate! Agree with all your conclusions, and the best bit was catching up with erudite persons such as yourself :-)

  4. Seems like a nice get-together, good on you Millsy!

  5. Sounded like a damn good weekend of eating and nattering!

  6. Great to hear that you managed a meet up and picked up some loot to boot.

  7. good times. maybe next year I go again having been the once a while back. cheers

  8. Overall sounds like a great weekend.. let the internet take the strain now


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