Sunday, 14 May 2017

First of the Boxers plus a bit more terrain

After a tumultuous couple of weeks at work, followed by a bout of illness things have returned to something approaching normal this last week. I'm still not that well but have only two days left on the project before having a good break from work starting Wednesday.

This weekend I decided I'd had enough of the cork and for a change painted up my first unit of Boxers as something of a test. Overall I'm not unhappy with them and they are simple enough to paint. En masse and with some flags they will be a bit more impressive I'm sure.

This first mob is a proper rag-tag mix of clothing but for the next couple (already prepped) I'm going to go with something more consistent in terms of colour across each group.

Last week I also managed to snaffle a couple of statues from the local Reject Shop. Once the LED lighting was removed and the holes covered up these we repainted and have come up quite well. Just the basing and a few creepers or moss to do now. My intention is to use these as part of the Palace of Prince Su a.k.a. the Su Wang Fu.

Hopefully I'll find a bit of time on my impending hols to push on and get to a point which I might have enough stuff complete for a test scenario or two.



  1. Nice to see some figures now too. Oh I don't know it might have been uber cool to leave the LEDs in... !
    Good find

  2. Good work on those Boxers and statues. You can get small resin ones quite cheaply if you hunt around.

  3. Colorful and beautiful figures, and this couple of statues is most impressive!

  4. Great to see the Boxers on the move! Enjoy the break Millsy.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been crook mate - get better soon.
    It hasn't hurt your painting any though!

  6. Very colourful! Those statues have bags of character.

  7. Very nice stuff! Will watch this project unfold with great anticipation!

  8. This promises to be a very interesting project - looking forward to seeing more of the 55 Days in Peking!

  9. Ah, these are looking just terrific Millsy! I love the saturated, punchy colours of the Boxers and those statues are a gem. Well done sir!

  10. Great looking boxers and the statues are real nice.
    Best Iain


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