Sunday 28 May 2017

55 Hours of Pain-ting

OK, maybe not quite 55 hours but it sure felt like it!

Having decided to pile up the buildings from my 55 Days at Peking project and paint a fair few in a batch it turns out maybe that was biting off a fair bit more than I expected. It's a pretty boring job overall and with things needing two coats plus a dry brush or three that makes for quite a lot of work.

Still, I think the results are overall pretty positive. I now have a decent sized village worth of stuff, plus a small temple, some statues and some trees. Enough for a trial game or two in the near future and certainly enough that I can now start work on a legation or three, knowing that they won't be the only thing on the table when complete.

Loads of photos now so you can tell me what you think...

The trees are meant for fish tanks but when based look pretty cool and certainly feel right. They're a bit bright and shiny but that can be sorted out easily enough down the track. They'll do for now.

That man with a horn will surely disturb the tranquillity of the morning and we all know what happens when you do that!

At the same time as this terrain painting was going on I was also working on another two units of Boxers. There's yet another two on the painting table at the moment about halfway finished so those should also be done by the end of the week. That will take me to 60 all up, nearly the mid point of the Boxer horde. Phew!

So... back to the cork tile now to work on a first legation. There's a pair of temple dogs, some cherry trees and bamboo plus a few extra "set dressing" items in the post now too so lots more terrain on the horizon.



  1. Cracking job Millay,,lovely stuff

  2. Great stuff Millsy, nice crisp work and love the roofs.

  3. I can imagine how tedious all that was, but certainly well worth the effort. Looks fantastic.

  4. I do envy you sir! The buildings are superb and make for a great backdrop indeed! The little details are splendid too, such as the creeper vines and lanterns on the temple. I do have to minor quibbles: the buildings do look a bit clean to me and why did you base the boxers with sand and tufts on the bases rather then the same stones your village is paved with? Not trying to be a nag here but playing the devil's advocate ;-)

    1. Hey Sander! Quibble away mate, feedback always appreciated :-). You're right, things are a bit clean and tidy ATM. I'm more focused on knocking things out right now and can always come back later to add detail. The road isn't going to take up much of the finished table so I'm basing all the minis the same way as all the buildings and other terrain items.

  5. Wow, they really came out amazing! They didn't look as great when they were just cork walls, but they sure are top notch now. They belong in the pages of Wargames Illustrated.

  6. Love the dedication! The trees look great as well.

  7. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. This is going to be a long haul so every bit of encouragement will help!

  8. Superb! I love the brightly coloured roofs and the statues are perfect - well done Millsy!

  9. The project's coming along nicely Millsy :)

  10. You have really pushed on with this and made great progress in my opinion. We need some hastily erected barricades now.

  11. The buildings are wonderful and I love the trees and statues!

  12. Great buildings and figures, the greenery works well too, I really like the green tiles very nice.
    Best Iain

  13. This is a brilliant project, Michael, well done. I can only echo the earlier comments and say that this deserves the highest praise!


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